[Updated] Where are hog regulators made?

Where are hog regulators made

Are you looking for quality regulators without spending too much?

HOG offers low-cost regulators without sacrificing quality.

HOG regulators are on top of the list of easy breathing regulators at an affordable price.

They do their job well without useless gadgets or undue attention and over-the-top maintenance.

While other companies enforce minimum pricing policies on their dealers, HOG gives their dealers quality gear at very reasonable prices, leaving it up to them to sell at a fair market price.

There is no difference in breathability and function between them and other high-priced brands except the savings.

Service kits are also available to consumers who have trained to service their HOG regulators.

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About Edge-HOG: The Brand and Where Their Products Made

To be a diver means to live a life filled with adventures.

It is learning about new places and meeting new people, and—perhaps the most important—meeting oneself.

The American scuba equipment manufacturer Edge that makes and sells HOG regulators describes the diving lifestyle.

Their company name, Edge, means “always being on the edge of adventure.

While HOG is short for “Highly Optimized Gear.” Their products sure live up to the tagline.

Their gears are true “highly optimized.”

Edge Dive Gear has been around since 2007.

Chris Richardson, one of the owners who started up the scuba equipment company, invented the HOG Gear brand.

Richardson was responsible for all sales, marketing, and product development for both Edge and HOG.

The brand quickly caught the diving community’s attention and established a reputation for quality, performance,e.

The company is in Georgia, USA.

But the regulators and the rest of their products are manufactured in China to keep costs down.

There are debates about whether this makes Edge-HOG products reliable, but the company assures that the brand quality will not sacrifice money.

Little can go wrong with the regulators, but it’s a given that divers want to make sure.

Many divers have taken the plunge with Edge-HOG regulators and never regretted it.

Edge-HOG and other brands that use Chinese parts are that Edge-HOG passes those savings on to the consumers. China is perfectly capable of making high-quality products, but it is up to the manufacturer to ensure that.

Edge HOG does an excellent job of monitoring the quality of its equipment.

If any problem comes up, they will be there to help solve it. Their excellent customer service is one of their selling points.

HOG Regulators Available

Here’s a list of HOG regulators that can purchase directly from Edge-HOG Dive Gear:

• D1X Sealed DIN Classic 2.0 Regulator Set is a HOG sealed DIN combo that comes with a balanced 1st stage with the environmental kit and pneumatically-balanced 2nd stage regulator. Designed for technical divers who demand performance, durability, and dependability from their gear. The price is shockingly low at $319.95, three times less than others.

• D1X Sealed Yoke Classic 2.0 Regulator Set is another HOG-sealed combo priced low at $319.95. Its balanced first stage has environmental seals, a swivel turret made of black chrome-plated brass. Moreover, it offers exceptional breathing performance. The regulator increased resistance to freezing in cold water and less dry mouth.

• HOG D2 Yoke Non-Sealed/Classic 2.0 2nd Stage is priced at $369.95. It is HOG’s low-profile diaphragm regulator with a balanced diaphragm 1st stage. It is compact with a black chrome finish, and the HOG classic second stage comes with an upgraded and restyled silicone purge cover.

• Hog Zenith Second Stage Smoke is ScubaLab 2014 Regulator Review Tester’s Choice Award Winner. It has a balanced adjustable 2nd stage with Venturi on/off switch that offers two color finishes to choose from with a high-end silicone front purge. Price is $139.95, with improved performance, function, durability, and styling.

• HOG D3 DIN Sealed w/ Zenith Smoke Second Stage Combo is compact and routes like a balanced piston but is a diaphragm. Priced at $449.95, it promises higher performance than the HOG D1. It will last for years to come.

• HOG D3 Yoke Sealed w/ Zenith Smoke Second Stage Combo is another balanced diaphragm, with five port LP swivel that rotates 360 degrees. Its double diver-adjustable features allow for condition-specific tuning during each stage of the dive. The price is also $449.95.

• HOG Zenith Octopus Yellow, priced at $169.95, lives up to the brand’s tagline of “Highly Optimized Gear.” It was also awarded Testers’ choice in ScubaLab 2014 Regulator Review. It has the performance of a high-end regulator at a low price.

• HOG D1 X First Stage DIN is designed for technical divers. At a very affordable price of $289.95, HOG delivers without sacrificing performance, durability, and dependability.

• HOG D1 X First Stage Yoke is also designed for technical divers and priced at a very low $289.95.

• HOG Tec-Rek Octopus is the second stage for technical divers. Priced at $134.95, it features a diver-adjustable pre-dive/dive selector that allows quick and easy tuning of the regulator for maximum airflow when in use but slight detuning not in use. Its rugged, high-impact case, plastic air barrel, and high-visibility yellow 40-inch hose make this regulator easy and comfortable to share air with. The HOG Rec-Tek Octo recommends maximum safety and driving comfort.

• Priced at $219.95, the HOG D2 First Stage was released to answer the need for the 1st stage with a smaller form factor.

• HOG D3 First Stage – Sealed Yoke was 2013 Scubalab Testers’ Choice. The product’s price is $229.95; the D3 first stage is HOG’s most exemplary diaphragm regulator to date. It has taken all the best features of both the D1 and D2, with added performance improvement.

• HOG D3 First Stage – The sealed DIN is produced by HOG. This way, it meets the most demanding exploration of the diver’s needs and desires while still providing a value that exceeds the competition. The price is $229.95.

Call Edge-HOG Dive Gear at 1.888.810.4811 for further details. They may also reach at 5208 Mercer University Drive Suite E Macon, GA 31210 (USA).

Final Thoughts

The equipment Edge-HOG Dive Gear creates and sells meant to forget while in use. This way, all your attention will focus on the beauty and enjoyment of the underwater world.

Edge-HOG claims to be a “boutique” brand of scuba and snorkeling equipment without the pretense or high prices. Many recreational and technical exploration divers prefer the Edge-HOG regulators because of their philosophy and the simplicity of their design. Indeed, the price, quality, and service are unmatched in the industry.

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