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Who is Paul Harrell

Paul Harrell entered into our sphere of consciousness as a straight-talking, gun expert YouTuber.

To date, he has over 660,000 subscribers. His Youtube channel has been in existence since 2012.

He has uploaded close to 300 videos, where he generally talks about firearms and how concerned citizens can use them safely.

In his YouTube channel, he mounts demonstrations, gives gun reviews, recommendations, and guidance on topics that pertain to gun ownership.

He likewise tackles gun caliber selection topics and breaks down certain and misconceptions myths about firearms.

He entered the mainstream consciousness in 2017 with his first video, “How to Conceal Your Weapon So Police Can’t Find It,” which has since been watched over 660,000 times.

Harrell’s videos cover a wide range of topics, from concealed carry to home defense.

He is an expert on both subjects and knows how to put his advice into simple, easy-to-understand terms.

Harrell entered the public’s consciousness in a big way when he co-hosted The Gun Guys with Bryan Larkin on the History Channel.

Recently, he decided to step out of his comfort zone and do something new: acting.

Paul Harrell’s Personality

Mr. Harrell comes across as a very sensible, informative, and responsible gun enthusiast.

He is also very even-keeled in temperament and always has a calm demeanor.

His explanations are very easy to understand and you do not have to be a gun aficionado to appreciate his content.

He speaks clearly and uses non-jargon language for easy comprehension of his topics.

He is usually clothed in a khaki field jacket whenever he makes his gun demonstrations.

Mr. Harrell also occasionally tackles other subjects such as how to cook using Dutch ovens, or the vehicles of his crew.

More on Paul Harrell

Harrell has been involved in a few citizen-involved shooting incidents.

He also served in the United States Armed Forces.

He was once part of both the US Army and the United States Marine Corps.

He completed two tours of duty in the Middle East.

Paul Harrell’s Whereabouts

Many people are pleasantly surprised to find Harrell and his treasure trove of videos.

He has years’ worth of content tackling the many facets of firearms.

It looks like Harrell is based in Oregon.

A company that also usually is mentioned in his videos is Disaster Contingency Specialists.

As mentioned earlier in this post, Harrell has been involved in more than one deadly force encounter, which he acknowledges.

Not at all surprising since he once served in the Army and Marines Corps.

Paul Harrell and Gun Expertise

Harrell’s gun handling skills are exceptional, no doubt.

He also never speaks about guns based on something he has read.

He is quick to point out that almost all the knowledge he shares about firearms come from his own personal testing.

He has a huge, immense collection of guns that he runs through various tests.

The point of his tests is to show the veracity of claims made regarding certain guns, their power, effectiveness, and which would actually best suit an individual’s protection needs.

Harrell’s content is also always very practical gun stuff. Just real-world, usable information that everyone can use.

He never gets into fancy shooting techniques or useless flash about guns.

Normally he will use different kinds of targets, from concrete, fruits, and soda bottles.

He also uses meat, bones, and watermelon wrapped in leather to simulate a human target.

Production Quality of Paul Harrell’s Content

The video content uploaded by Harrell’s are by no means anything polished or over-produced.

They have a very amateur quality to them, but this does not detract from their informative value.

While lacking production detail, the videos deliver on communicating useful, practical information about firearms and how to handle them.

Paul Harrell – In His Own Words

According to Harrell himself, he spent twenty years in the military.

During his first enlistment, he was in the active-duty Marine Corp for 4 years.

He also had an infantry MOS but spent around two years as a combat marksmanship instructor in the Marine Corps Security Forces School.

Due to that, he had to have training and education superior to what regular Marines were getting during the time.
Besides basic training, infantry school, and other courses, Harrell also attended citizen schools.

Namely, these are the Ray Chapman Academy of Practical Shooting as well as a course at Gunsite.

Harrell likewise attended the Navy’s CRF School, a S.W.A.T. training facility.

He was also sent to a Marine Corp school known as “the Formal Schools Instructor Course.”

While attending the latter he learned to make class outlines, choose tasks for training, create a curriculum, and ultimately teach classes.

When he was discharged from the Marine Corp, Harrell, always a soldier, enlisted in the military reserve, particularly the Oregon Army National Guard.

These are hardcore credentials and Harrell definitely knows his onions when it comes to guns.

More on Paul Harrell’s Viral Videos

Among Harrell’s most-watched videos is “Five Things to Have for Concealed Carry.”

It is a great video to watch for those unfamiliar with the gun expert.

In it, he shares his personal advice on what someone should have on their person when they have a licensed concealed gun on them.

He also justifies why each one should be with you.

Here is Harrell’s list from “Five Things to Have for Concealed Carry”:
– A firearm and some amount of spare ammo
– A cellular phone
– A camera
– A small flashlight
– A lawyer’s business card and a lawyer on retainer

He likewise points out a sixth but crucial item that is a permit for concealed carry.

As you watch the video, what is remarkable are the reasons he gives justifying each item.

Should You Watch Paul Harrell?

If you are not yet familiar with Harrell, you might want to check out his YouTube channel.

He discusses many vital firearms topics, ranging from choosing a gun, ammunition selection, home defense, and so much more related stuff.

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