Wetsuit for fat guys (Guide and Tips)

Wetsuit for fat guys

Diving is for everyone.

Whether you have a slim or fat body, as long as you can swim and have proper diving training, then you can go for it.

Do not let your weight hindrance your hobbies. Follow your heart’s longingness and be happy.

But remember, do not forget to choose the proper diving apparel for you and be sure that it fits perfectly.

This could be one of the reasons for diving comfort and ease.

Different wetsuits are out in the market, so you don’t have to worry.

Sizes are available, and all you have to do is to choose the best one.

Moreover, let us give you tips and guides on choosing the best wetsuit for a fat guy.

Again, this is not weight-related, but for upsized divers and beach enthusiasts with slightly low confidence, these tips may build your confidence.

In this article, we will talk about the right wetsuit for fat guys and how to choose it.

We will also provide some tips on how to fit it and make sure that you stay comfortable while wearing it.

If you are overweight or obese, then you are probably familiar with the fact that most wetsuits are not made for people of your size.

This is because wetsuits are designed to keep a person as dry as possible while they are swimming in water.

What is Wetsuit?

Before we suggest the best wetsuit for a fat guy, let us first explain what a wetsuit is. This information may help you understand this diving equipment.

A wetsuit is a gear that offers thermal protection while wet. Thanks to foamed neoprene, this material is used to make the wetsuit and the reason for its thermal defense.

Also, a wetsuit provides protection from abrasion, UV exposure, and harmful underwater organisms. That is why divers, surfers, and all people who love water activities use a wetsuit.

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Wetsuit Sizes Guides

There’s nothing more frustrating if you get the incorrect size of your wetsuit. Measures could be tricky, especially for people who have a unique body built like extra small and upsize. The technique here is you must know how to properly read the wetsuit’s size chart so you’ll learn what size your build might belong to.

The main factor to consider in choosing a wetsuit is to know the size of your height and chest. Length doesn’t weigh too much in determining the size of your wetsuit. However, avoid choosing a too short wetsuit. This may affect the crotch area and might sacrifice the comfort’s user.

Furthermore, for wetsuit tops, the height would not be essential in choosing the perfect size. And for wetsuit shorts, remember that your waist measurement matters here. You must know your size and could convert it into inches or centimeters to get the perfect fit.

Wetsuit Buying Guide for Fat Guys

Since we now know the factors to consider in buying or choosing a wetsuit, we could now discuss buying guides. Bear in mind that this is vital. You are going to spend your money, and we should be wise about using it.

So, here’s how we need to consider when buying a wetsuit for fat guys:

1. Durability – If you love the beach that much and often spend your time, it is right to choose a high-end wetsuit. Wetsuits tend to last for years; even you use them almost daily. However, you must know how to take good care of it properly so it will not wear out quickly.

2. Price – This is also important in choosing your wetsuit. High-end doesn’t mean it needs to be pricey. Otherwise, you’ll go bankrupt. It is still best to choose a wetsuit that gives you the best performance at an affordable price.

3. Availability – This is a huge factor, especially for upsize and fat guys. We might find out that your size is not available mainly in all diving stores, and to be sure, you could try custom-made. The considerable advantage of a modified wetsuit is you can choose your exact size and design.

4. Accessories – It is a massive bonus if you come across a wetsuit that comes with accessories such as gloves, hoods, and boots. These accessories could make you warm in cold water having 60 degrees.

5. Thickness and Cut – Do not forget to consider the cut of the wetsuit and its thickness if you’ll customize it. You will need a wetsuit having a 6mm thickness, and the shape must be full-suit during winter with a water temperature of <43 degrees Fahrenheit.

Always remember that thickness and cut vary on the weather and water temperature.

6. Key Features – There is a wetsuit on the market that possesses a feature that made them stand among the rest. Examples are a particular brand that dries quickly compared to others. Another brand also focuses solely on stretch, comfort, and liner. You might encounter some features, so better to observe wisely and get what caught your interest.

7. Stitches and Seams – If you’ll go for a custom-made one, be sure that they are polished in stitching your wetsuit and putting seams. These two factors always come along because both of them vary the strength of the apparel.

8. Zipper – You can also choose whether the zipper is located on the front, back or side. But remember to choose a zipper that is easy for you to reach and won’t be hard for you to wear in and out.

Taking Good Care of Your Wetsuit

Now you finally know that the buying guides and finally got them, here is the tip on taking good care of it.

1. Avoid folding your wetsuit after use, especially if it’s still wet. The stink from the neoprene and mold might grow on your diving apparel.

2. Avoid peeing in your wetsuit while in use. The acidic properties coming from urine might cause an odor problem and seal in your wetsuit.

3. Wash your wetsuit through hand wash only. Never wash it in a washing machine. This might cause permanent damage to your apparel.

4. Washing your wetsuit using hot water is a big NO as well. This may dissolve the seals.

5. Washing your wetsuit using cleaners is not advisable, too. It will destroy the neoprene and might wear out your wetsuit.

Final Thoughts

The key on wetsuits for fat a guy is not only about those guides and tips. You could acquire them all, but if you are not confident in your weight and too shy to flaunt, then it’s all useless. So the vital key here is to be positive. We all have the right to wear what we want. Exercise your right as a diver enthusiast.

As a final say, always remember that even if you’re fat, wearing a wetsuit will never emphasize your build. However, it will highlight that you’ll go for a dive and enjoy the aquatic universe.

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