[Updated] How does a rebreather work?

How does a Rebreather work

One of the essential tools in diving is reliable equipment to ensure supreme protection. Products are everywhere, but you can rely on Draeger diving equipment to look for the best. They are known for having a wide range of diving accessories that could complete your diving career.

Also, one of their available products is their rebreathers. You can never go wrong with this product because it ensures comfort and safety. There’s a lot to discuss about this product. To know it more, continue to read and learn how does a Rebreather work.

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Rebreather: Definitions and background

Before moving forward on how does Draeger rebreathers work, let us first discuss the product’s definition. Let us know what we are dealing with.

Rebreather is a breathing device that sucks up carbon dioxide from a user’s respired breath. It will allow the rebreathing of the largely unused oxygen and new inactive content when each breath exists.

The purpose of a rebreather is to extend breathing endurance due to the limited supply of gas. Mostly, a rebreather is a transportable item carried by the diver. Most likely, this could also refer to as the life-support system of the diver.

Draeger Rebreather – Its Advantages

As mentioned earlier, Draeger Rebreather is one of the essential diving devices; we also want to give you a little insight and its advantages. It will help you to get knowledge and know the tool more. Here are the few benefits Draeger Rebreather:


Expect its lightweight and portability. They are lighter in the sense that they are not carrying nitrogen along with oxygen.


You can also expect the efficiency of the Draeger Rebreather is at the highest rate. Divers won’t waste oxygen because this device only replaced the used oxygen.


While using this apparatus, you can also expect its sleek performance. It only produces a few bubbles, so if you are under the deep ocean, you won’t interrupt the habitats while enjoying the view.

Compared to others, Draeger Rebreather is more advanced. That is why the military prefers to use this, especially the U.S. Navy SEALs. However, in using this apparatus, everyone must undergo intense training to know its application.

Draeger Rebreather – Top 2 products!

There are 2 Draeger Rebreathers that you can choose from: the Draeger FGT 5400 Bypass and the Draeger LAR 8000. Both promise security and comfortability. Read the in-depth explanation about these two products.

Draeger FGT 5400 Bypass

This device is a non-magnetic semi-closed rebreather that assures continuous diverse gas metering all the time. Without any electronic support, this apparatus can go deep down up to 54 meters. Remember that Draeger FGT 5400 Bypass can use in clean oxygen closed-circuit operation as well.

The sleek design of this apparatus is made particularly for instant and easy usage. It is good news for divers. These features would lessen your preparation time. It is easy to assemble so you can dive as soon as the sea invites you.

Draeger LAR 8000

Like the Draeger FGT 5400 Bypass, Draeger LAR 8000 offers protection and safety breathing under the water. This rebreather can use in great depth closed and semi-closed circuits. Also, it is a non-magnetic breathing apparatus that provides slight breathing struggle and easy to use design.

Another feature of this apparatus that made them stand out among all rebreathers is that they allow you to do the different tests underwater. This device ensures low resistance and advanced breathing performance.

Rebreathers can also affect difficult outside situations. However, Draeger LAR 8000 design is to conquer such battles. Its high stability and durable housing enclose and securely protect the device’s inner components and accessories.

Draeger LAR 8000 is user-friendly. It is ready to use and easy to navigate. The P-Con click connections enable the diver to mount it easily without needing any other tool to work with it. It saves your time and effort.

How Does a Draeger Rebreather Work?

Remember that the primary purpose of a rebreather is to allow the diver to breathe using its air. But how does it work? Here are the details to gain more understanding of it.

1. Through the use of a container of Sofnolime, will eliminate your respired carbon dioxide.
2. The gas responds to the Sofnolime and calcium hydroxide to create calcium carbonate.
3. It changes the oxygen that the diver spent. The combined helium-oxygen or nitrogen-oxygen inserts clean oxygen into the breathing circle.
4. The rebreather restrains the oxygen strength in the breathing circle.
5. The dense form of oxygen beams supervises the partial pressure of oxygen in the breathing loop.

The rebreather works like a closed bag. Every time we tried to breathe in the bag, carbon dioxide filled it until there’s no room for oxygen. The chemical compound would eliminate carbon dioxide in a rebreather, and Draeger Rebreather would fill in the oxygen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long can a diver stay underwater while using a rebreather?

Answer: The diver can stay underwater for one to six hours. However, this would depend on the type of rebreather’s design and purpose.

Question: Is decompression with a rebreather necessary?

Answer: Yes. Significantly, divers succeed in their decompression to prevent extreme bubble development and sickness.

Question: Are rebreathers dangerous?

Answer: Rebreathers could be dangerous if they failed and didn’t work based on their purpose. The main danger here once it didn’t work right is a mixture of gas that could lead to convulsion. So to prevent this from happening, always check your tools before diving in.

Final Thoughts

Skills are one of the best tools to be a successful diver. Once you learn the ins and out, you will know how to operate the diving equipment. Also, knowing how a Draeger rebreather works allows you to complete your diving life.

However, do not forget that, above all, time is also an essential part of your underwater activity. Invest enough time in learning all the tools and equipment. In this way, you’ll be an expert in no time before diving in.

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