Naui vs.Padi (What’s the best for you?)

Naui vs Padi

Scuba diving is one way to explore the underwater scenery, enjoy the wonders below the surface and discover the aquatic universe. While swimming in the depths of the ocean is like traveling into another dimension. The limited supply of air from your tank wouldn’t be a hindrance. You will forget all about it as you go on further.

Scuba diving is one of the most thrilling sports but dangerous water activities as well. You have to be careful and knowledgeable. Diving courses and training would give you insight and give you the skill that a diver needs.

There are two well-known diving agencies; the National Association of Underwater Instruction (NAUI) and the Professional Association of Diving Instruction (PADI). They are the underwater kings that have the same goals: to train and teach skills.

However, these kings have differences. Continue scrolling down to know them so you can choose which agency you are going to choose.

NAUI vs. PADI – Their Backgrounds

Before you choose which diving agency you want to join in, know first their backgrounds. It is necessary to know who you are dealing with. These agencies are all over the net. Their histories are just around the corner. But let us save you from the hassle. Here is the information you need to know these agencies more.

The National Association of Underwater Instruction (NAUI)

In 1960, Albert Tillman and Neal Hess founded this agency. The non-profit organization is in Tampa, Florida. The leading service of this agency is to provide training and recreational dive certification. They also established membership to offer international diver standards.

Good news to those who dream of becoming a diver, NAUI’s training centers are worldwide. You don’t have to go to Florida to enroll. You can look for their training centers near you and register.

Quality of Service

NAUI gained the respect of the people who experienced the highest quality of training. In the recreational diving industry, their reputation for the best agency made them a star. It continuously reflects until now.

That is the reason why many education programs choose them. One of those programs is Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, and United States Navy SEAL Teams.

They are very committed and dedicated to giving full excellence diver training. They will keep on monitoring you to ensure safety and improvement. Experts working in NAUI, such as instructors, divemasters, and assistants, are certified and tested in giving the best service. Expect expert level after the training.

List of Development Training:

1. NAUI Skin Diver
2. NAUI Open Water Scuba Diver
3. NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver
4. NAUI Master Scuba Diver
5. NAUI Technical Courses
6. NAUI Leadership Courses
7. NAUI Instructor

Additionally, NAUI offers specialty featured courses such as night diver—for those who love night diving, underwater imaging—for videographer and underwater photographer, and others. You may ask them for more featured courses through their website.

The Professional Association of Diving Instruction (PADI)

PADI was founded in 1966 by John Cronin and Ralph Erickson. Originally, John was an NAUI instructor. He decided to create his agency with Ralph to develop numerous flexible courses for diver training.

Now, PADI is a recreational diving training organization that offers different technical diving courses. Courses modify from amateur to moderately progressed recreational diver certification. During entry-level, they will tackle essential diving physics and functioning until the system moves forward.

PADI believes to be the most prominent and well-known dive certification organization. The main office of this agency is in the United States. However, PADI focuses all over the world. Over half of divers in the world are trained by PADI.

Features and Programs

PADI has an online Scuba Training that makes it convenient for people worldwide who want to know the scuba lesson. The eLearning includes self-study material, and your dive store will control training fees.

There are three available eLearning Programs of PADI on their website. They are for beginners, continuing education, and professionals.

Before moving on to succeeding programs, divers must pass the first level: the level for beginners. It is an open water diver course with three parts: Open Water Dives, Knowledge Development, and Confined Water Dives. Here, you will learn diving skills in a pool. After completion and certification, you will move to continue your education.

This part is much more intense than the beginner. The course will give you advanced knowledge and skills and help you build your confidence under the water. Additionally, it will introduce you to different diving activities like wreck diving and night diving. You will learn to fine-tune buoyancy skills as well.

After completing the said course, you can finally move on to the final step: the professional program. Be a divemaster so you can supervise the diving activities and assist classes as well. This course will give you knowledge on diving equipment, diver safety, and risk management, and more.

NAUI vs. PADI – the Primary Differences

As mentioned earlier, both NAUI and PADI offer one goal: to provide knowledge and skills in scuba diving. Reading our little background check gave you a hard time since these two are both certified institutions and famous in the scuba diving industry. However, the question remains. ‘Which is better?’. Indeed, either of them must have cons that would affect your enrolling decision.

Here is the list that tells their differences and makes you understand which agency is right for you.


PADI and NAUI have different timelines for issuing the certification. In NAUI, you need to complete the skills first. Second, your trainer must see that you are ready before finally certifying you. On the other hand, you can get your certificate once you complete the necessary program.


Both agencies provide different certifications for different levels. Nevertheless, these programs may have other names but have the same application. An example of this is the ‘Open Water’ program at PADI, while in NAUI, the program name is ‘Open Water SCUBA diver.’


The Advanced Open Water Diver at PADI requires 30 meters or 100 feet depth, while NAUI’s advanced SCUBA diver requires 40 meters or 130 feet.


PADI offers Rescue diver and master diver, while NAUI provides both, and additionally, Scuba diver master is available as well.


PADI is the largest agency and is a profit organization, while NAUI—as mentioned earlier—is a non-profit organization and the second-largest diving agency.

Both agencies are essential in the diving industry. As you see their differences as well as their similar goals, you may start weighing your options. May you choose the right agency for you.

Final Thoughts

Remember that whether you choose NAUI vs. PADI, surely you will enjoy each session and learn. Time will come, you will finally get deep down into the corals and enjoy the view under the surface while having the title: Certified Scuba diver.

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