SOLVED! Why don’t sharks eat clowns?

Why don’t sharks eat clowns

Why don’t sharks eat clowns?’ are among the most frequently asked questions that people wonder what’s the answer. People know that sharks have a fearsome reputation.

In movies, they appear merciless in attacking humans.

It gave the impression that they love to eat humans rather than fish.

But is this the answer? Are humans the shark’s main course?

This mystery has confounded scientists for centuries.

Why do sharks seemingly avoid eating clowns?
The study, conducted by a team of researchers from The University of South Florida, looked at two species of sharks – bull sharks and tiger sharks – and found that clowns produced scents that repelled them.

Or another reason is that Clownfish have sharp teeth that can damage sharks and their colorful costumes can make them easy prey targets.

Clowns also produce a gas that some sharks find unpalatable.

This article would answer those eternal questions. Additionally, we will include some facts about clowns and sharks that may help you understand and have in-depth knowledge about them. So continue going down and learn.

Sharks food preference

The truth is, sharks primarily feed on fishes and some marine creatures. Large sharks usually prey on sea lions and seals. They also love to eat squids and crustaceans.

Remember that sharks play a significant role in the aquatic universe. Without them, squids, octopuses, sea lions, and other sea mammals would multiply and affect the underwater kingdom.

Samples like octopus will eat lobsters, or an increase in squid population affects other animals such as albatross egg production. Squid uses these statoliths for their function. And without sharks, this cycle will eventually become a huge problem.

Moreover, sharks’ food preferences seemed big. They are also wise in hunting their prey. Most of the time, they pursue the weak and sickly fish or mammals. But unfortunately, clowns are not included on their food list.

Clowns are too small for sharks, and they primarily choose bigger prey for more extensive consumption too. Hammerhead prefers stingrays. Tiger sharks love to eat sea turtles, and blue sharks choose to eat squids. However, eating clowns could be possible. But not always.

Is it safe for sharks to eat clownfish

Is it safe for sharks to eat clownfish?

Clownfish could easily distinguish because of their body color. The color of their bodies can be orange, red, yellow, or blue with white stripes. Also, they are small and can only grow from 2 to 5 inches long.

Clownfish live deep down the sheltered reefs. Because of their mucus, they can live in sea anemones. Their mucus protects them from anemone’s poisonous tentacles. And living within this kingdom also serves as their protection from some predators.

For obvious reasons, sharks are one of those predators. And because of the clown’s shelter, it was a massive point for them to be safe from potential attacks. Also, this is one of the reasons why sharks don’t eat clownfish. Aside from being small, their locations are not advisable for sharks to go. Anemone’s constant sting can kill them.

Animals that preferred to eat clownfish

Animals that preferred to eat clownfish

Clownfish’s mucus served as protection that prevented them from being harmed by predators. However, eels, stingrays, and most larger fishes prefer to eat clownfish even though mucus covers them. Unless an anemone’s tentacles captured these prey when they tried to attack clownfish, it would be impossible to catch them.

Other food that sharks love to eat

Most sharks are meat-eaters. However, other sharks love to eat planktons—the planktivore sharks—and who preferred to eat seagrass and shrimps and other marine species—the omnivorous sharks.

Examples of planktivore sharks are mostly more giant sharks such as whale sharks, megamouth sharks, and basking sharks. They catch planktons by sucking water and filtrating the food over long threads. And when they accumulate enough planktons, they will finally swallow it.

Omnivorous sharks, on the other hand, can eat eight plants and meat. An example of an omnivorous shark is the bonnethead shark. According to research, this type of shark loves to eat seagrass. Also, they preferred small species such as crab, clams, and small fish.

Bonnethead sharks have small teeth and cannot chew more extensive and more solid meats. However, their stomach acids are strong, and digesting their foods is not a huge problem.


The reasons why sharks don’t eat clowns are because they prefer other food. We must also not forget that the clownfish location is not situated strategically for sharks. Getting near the sea anemone is not a good idea for sharks.

Also, shark’s appetite varies depending on their type. Some sharks could either eat plants, meat, or both at the same time. And yes, humans are not part of their food list. We hope that these facts didn’t just answer this question but also provides you information about sharks and clownfish.

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