[Updated] Why wont my RV toilet hold water?

Why wont my RV toilet hold water

Travelling can be a source of irritation if you have a faulty toilet bowl.

It is very uncomfortable having a bad odor in the bathroom.

Plus, having a toilet that does not flush properly.

These problems usually initiate due to insufficient water inside the toilet bowl.

And with that, this article contains enough information that will surely enhance your knowledge on how to handle problems such as RV Toilet Won’t Hold Water.

RVs are known for their spaciousness and convenience, but one of the downsides is that they often don’t have the same water holding capacity as traditional homes.

This can be a problem when it comes to using the RV toilet.

If your RV doesn’t have a septic tank, then you’ll need to install a holding tank.

But even if your RV does have a septic tank, there may still be times when the toilet won’t hold water.

Why Won’t My RV Toilet Hold Water

One of the most frequent problems by travelers is their RV toilet bowl was not able to hold water. This is commonly caused by a part of the toilet bowl which is the blade seal. Since blade seal is just made from rubberized material, it hardens and damages as time goes by.

The damage from the blade seal is only recognizable if the poured water or stagnant water will not sustain anymore. It is because the mechanism of the seal has malfunctioned. To fix this problem, many experts say that you should only replace the old blade seal with a new piece. It is only then you can have a better working RV toilet bowl.

How Does an RV Toilet Work

How Does an RV Toilet Work?

Wondering how RV toilets work so you can also figure out what to do once it was damaged. Generally, RV toilets work in one or double varieties. Its toilet system works by gravity and uses the force of water pressure to push wastes throughout the pipes.

The advantage of this kind of toilet system is it has lesser consummation of water to preserve a fresh-water tank. The tank of RV toilets is capable of holding all the waste until the time comes that you need to empty it by using a flexible hose connected into a legal dump station to throw the wastes.

How to Replace the Blade Seal?

Since blade seal is the most common reason for RV toilet problems, there are a lot of blade seal products in physical and online stores like amazon. There is also a procedure to help travelers replace a blade seal when they are stranded, or no one was able to help them.

A general procedure of replacing a blade seal starts by flushing the remaining water and turning off the water pump supply. Secondly, detach the toilet by disconnecting the tube from the water source, then unscrew the knots that hold the toilet bowl.

Third, disassemble the toilet bowl. Remove the top from the base. Use appropriate screw tools and clippings to remove the bolts. The fourth is to remove the old blade seal, clean the area around the seal and replace it with a new one.

Change other parts of the toilet seat if necessary. Lastly, reinstall the toilet bowl, reconnect all tubes needed. To test the success of the procedure, pour some water and see if it has sealed correctly.

How to Fix A Leaking RV Toilet Seal?

In some instances, if you are physically and mentally capable of removing your RV toilet bowl without showing disgust, you can fix a leaking RV toilet seal easily. First, you must buy the accurate tools and equipment to repair RV toilets. Second, purchase a new set of RV toilet seals and other parts needed. And lastly, review instructions and procedures to ensure precise actions and avoid further damage.

On the other side, if you are not that knowledgeable and skillful enough to repair a leaking toilet seal, it is recommended to call for experts such as a plumber. Do not attempt to do it yourself for it can cause other problems and may even damage your whole RV toilet.

How to Replace an RV Toilet Valve

How to Replace an RV Toilet Valve?

Aside from the problem of unable to hold some water, the RV toilet may also encounter problems where the toilet did not fill any water because of the damaged valve. And without a fully functioning valve, there will be no supply of water in your toilet, thus it will be very uncomfortable to do your private business in an RV toilet.

To solve this problem, there are several easy steps to change a water valve. First, look for a new valve that is readily available in any hardware or online store for cheap prices. Wear personal protective equipment if you do not want to be soiled and smell the bad odor from your toilet.

Secondly, disconnect the water supply from the toilet. The third is to uninstall the toilet. Use appropriate tools to unscrew it properly. Then remove the pedal and water inlet hose. Use some pliers and other equipment to perform this. The fifth is to remove the old valve. Clean the whole area before placing the new water valve.

Lastly, reassemble the removed parts and test the toilet if it is functioning properly. And if not, redo the procedure, or better call plumbers for help.

How to Clean RV Toilet Bowl Seals

How to Clean RV Toilet Bowl Seals?

When you decide to travel with your RV, make sure to clean and check the functioning of the toilet before going to avoid interruptions of the happy moments on the road. Usually, in buying RV’s there are specific cleaning tools on hand. But if there are none, purchase a cleaning supply on the nearest hardware around you.

In cleaning the toilet seal, make sure to disconnect or shut off first the water pump. Flush the remaining water until it is surely dried. Then, assemble your cleaning supplies and spray them around the toilet. Scrape the left-over material from the channels. After that, rinse it meticulously until you see a nice and clean seal. Finally, reinstall the water source to the toilet bowl and test if it worked properly.


An RV toilet is a primary essential in camping because this is where we do our private business especially when we have an upset stomach. Thus, a broken toilet can ruin the whole trip. That is why it is important to know some basic skills in repairing toilet bowls or call the right person to help with the problem. Hopefully, reading this article will stop problems about RV Toilet Won’t Hold Water.

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