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DAN Travel Insurance

If you love traveling very much, it is a must to acquire travel insurance. It will serve as your security and protection from possible financial stakes and deficits while traveling. Sample if these circumstances are sudden cancellation of your trip due to uncontrollable factors or medical emergency outside the country.

One of the best advantages of this plan is to have access to assistance services wherever you are. The travel insurance company would make arrangements to assist you, monitor, and help you during emergencies.

Luckily, DAN Travel Insurance possesses all these features. Learn their impressive coverage, cheap rate, in outstanding service. Another good news is they also include coverage for COVID-19 sickness. It is very timely because of the pandemic.

This DAN Travel Insurance review would turn out to be an eye-opener for travelers. Read more about our review on all their features and backgrounds. Indeed, this review will make you decide to get one.

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DAN – The Association

Divers Alert Network (DAN) is one of the most well-known dive safety organizations. For 40 years, they are well committed to the diver’s safety and health. Thanks to their passionate dedication to their research, services, and international action program. DAN paved the way for global connections that all divers enjoyed and benefited from, especially preventing injury, security, and life-saving clearings.

Why Choose DAN Travel Insurance

Why Choose DAN Travel Insurance?

There are many reasons why you have to choose DAN Travel insurance. Besides being reliable in providing a solid dedication to diver’s security, they are also dependable in giving protection coverage when there is a delay in your travel.

Let’s face it. Delays on a trip always happen. One of the reasons is the sudden weather changes. The worst thing, the costs of interruption on your trip added. And with DAN, they indeed are a big help in paying your expenses.

On the other hand, during travel crises, DAN could also be your answer to this problem. Its medical coverage and emergency support may help lessen the pressure of dealing with medical occurrences.

Another good reason you should consider DAN Travel insurance is to protect your belongings from damage and loss during travel. Take note of this one. It could be one of your primary purposes, especially for divers who have expensive gears.

Remember that Dan Travel Insurance’s huge plus factors are their exceptional services and practice periods compared to other insurance companies. Its record of giving high-quality service made them recognized globally.

What Are The Available Coverage of DAN Travel Insurance

What Are The Available Coverage of DAN Travel Insurance?

There are two available travel insurance coverage: Trip Insurance covering only a specific trip and Annual Travel Insurance covering the entire trip for a year. Both offer great features but differ in duration. But to give you a more in-depth explanation, here are the plans for each coverage.

Trip Insurance coverage also offers medical, travel, baggage protection, and assistance to the hotel, flight, or dinner arrangements. Using this coverage, you can save yourself from travel headaches caused by unforeseen forces.

Annual Travel Insurance covers every trip within the year when you travel 100 miles or more from the home round trip. This travel insurance is right for you for frequent business and vacation travelers because it is a budget saver and definitely won’t break your bank.

You can enjoy the features the same as Trip Insurance, but for Annual Travel Insurance, you can enjoy these features longer.

DAN Travel Insurance: Pros and Cons

Everything has a good and bad side. To establish and be transparent in the DAN Travel Insurance review, let us present some of the advantages and disadvantages.


– International medical coverage – mostly, local health insurance is allowed in each foreign country, but it’s not for DAN Travel Insurance. Its global connection is recognized, and that’s a massive plus for travelers.

– Easy Filing for a claim – Generali Global Assistance is the partner of DAN in giving fast claims. And since pandemics and everything undergoes online, it’s possible to apply your requests online quickly and easily.

– Easy to reach Customer Service – they are available Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET. You can call them within these hours if you have questions and clarification.

– Budget-Friendly Rates – the best rate for Annual Travel Insurance $662/year. These cover $1,000,000.00 emergency assistance and transportation under medical protection. For travel protection, $5,000 for trip cancellation, $5,000 for trip interruption and $50,000 for rental car damage coverage.

– For Trip Insurance, their Elite plans cost only $117/trip. These cover $1,000,000.00 emergency assistance and transportation under medical protection. For travel protection, 100% for trip cancellation, 150% for trip interruption and 75% for trip cost injured, $2,500 for travel delay, $2,500 missed connection and $50,000 for rental damage coverage.


– Expensive for others.
– Limited Coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions: What are the everyday things travel insurance does not cover?

Answer: You can see on each travel insurance policy what are the things that they don’t consider insuring. This would always vary on the insurance company. Some may include pre-existing conditions, and some may not. So better read the policy carefully and asked the person in charge to give you a more in-depth explanation.

Questions: When Can I buy Dan Travel Insurance?

Answer: You can buy the coverage before your departure date. But remember, if unexpected circumstances happen before the event, it is not covered.

Questions: What is the process of DAN Travel Insurance claims?

Answer: Submit a claim, claim number, upload documents, e-signed papers, and talk to the claim agent. You can choose whether you do this via phone or internet or anything you can use to communicate. After sending the necessary documents, you will receive a confirmation. Religiously check and update to know the status of your claim.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the DAN Travel Insurance review’s minor cons, its coverage is still one of the best. It’s a good solution for travelers who frequently go abroad or not. Having insured by this company, you can feel at ease and let your travel worries vanish.

We do hope that this review gives you a guide and tips. You can finally decide what coverage to choose and finally book your travel.

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