[Updated] Has anyone survived the strid

Has anyone survived the strid

The Strid describes as an innocent gift of Mother Nature for us human.

It has the beauty that indeed admirable, worth instagramable with a catchy caption.

Its rows are only approximately more than one meter apart.

They viewed it to be low and tranquil, a perfect spot for a sight-seeing enact.

However, the beautiful body of water located in Yorkshire, England, was claimed by people who live nearby says otherwise.

Behind its calmness and appealing scenery hides a frightening past.

Its history says that anyone who falls into the water never survives.

 The reason for its dangerous reputation is due to its strong current and rapid flow.

There have been numerous accidents on the Strid, most notably in 1994 when 16 people died after their boat capsized.

So People consider the Strid to be one of the most dangerous rivers in the whole world.

It is a long, fast-flowing river that cuts through steep cliffs and deep gorges.

Although it is considered one of the most dangerous rivers in the world, many people still choose to adventure down its treacherous waters.

The Monster Behind the Beauty

Most people claim that there are no monster fish or any other element why the Strid became a killer. There is also no murderer roaming around the Strid or beast. The culprit of sudden death who dares to get close to this water body is the insane underwater current.

Around the 12th century, William De Romilly dares to jump, but unfortunately, he didn’t make it and became the first victim. It’s not safe to dip or even get close to it from then on and until now. The distance between its bank is pretty close, but it’s still not advisable to challenge the gap.

The Strid - Under the Beauty

The Strid – Under the Beauty

People claim that the Strid is one of the most dangerous rivers in the whole world. The reason was simple. Getting near it is like letting yourself coming into a trap, and in just the blink of an eye, you’ll die. The slippery edges and sucking current are the reasons why you’ll be in huge trouble.

When you walk on the side with enough distance and reach a hundred meters, the banks’ space on each side became wider. The water turned on the sides and extracting channels and subways. In that part, the banks stuck over and above it.

There is nothing below the surface but deep, underwater rocks and lethal undercurrents. Whoever tests and dares to swim or jump would end pulverized, as locals claimed.

Has anyone survived the Strid?

The above allegations are enough reason to say that whoever falls in has a 100% death rate. The trend about the Strid on the internet lingers until the present. Some say that it is a stream that swallows people and claim that it’s a deadly, raging river that gets life.

People who fall in would believe end up like the first victim. And that attested when a young boy died again in 2010. The eight-year-old boy fell into the river while playing. The stranger who’s passing by saw him, and he tried to grab the kid. Unfortunately, the insane current swallowed the kid and disappeared.

The kid drowned for more than three hours. It is enough time to kill a person. And whoever fell and stay that long under the water would die. There are no exact numbers of people who died and lost, but locals witness that this accident happens for eras.

Can anyone survive the Strid?

No one can resist nature. No one can control the current nor oppose it. The frequency and rock form that flip-flops below the surface are no match for the human resistance. But if the river is tempting to you and curiosity is killing you, or your adventurous side wanted to challenge the river, luck is the best tool to survive the insane undercurrent.

Tips on how to enjoy the beauty

Numerous warning signage is everywhere that the Strid is not a perfect place to play. However, you may enjoy and have some fun but be sure to have enough distance from the sloppy and mossy banks.

Don’t be deceived by its calmness and subtle invitation to take a slight dip but instead, grad your picture and take a selfie. Do not forget to bring your picnic set so you can spend the whole day few meters from the river.

There are also few cafes near the river. You can go there with your family and have a grab of snacks. From there, you can already enjoy the scenery and connect to nature without being a victim of the Strid.

Final Thoughts

The Strid is a perfect example of the phrase ‘looks can be deceiving. There is nothing wrong with being amused by its beauty. You have to give to it, but you have to ask yourself, has anyone survived the Strid?

Base on the above discussion, you should know the answer now. Accidents happen if people didn’t follow the proper measure. Prevention is the key to avoid being a victim of the lovely but dangerous Strid.

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