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Kent Tooling

Are you looking for the diving accessories? Here’s Kent Tooling for you! This UK-based manufacturer would exceed your expectation in making high-quality rebreather accessories, reels, brackets, and backplates. So diving enthusiasts, worry no more because suitable devices are just easy to reach.

Also, we need to acknowledge the people behind their creations. Without them, high-caliber diving products are impossible for us to have. Another key that made them famous was the marine grade 316 stainless steel material that they use. The result of both equals to most challenging dive.

So for new divers, let us introduce you to a detailed explanation about them and their products so you can decide whether to trust them or not.

About Kent Tooling

Aside from Kent Tooling’s information, they are also an own family business that provides both close to perfect diving tools at a competitive price. Moreover, let us mentioned that these in-house manufacturers could provide their customer’s requests. Just name it and had a deal with them then you will get the diving tool you crave.

Well-known Kent Tool Products

These days, divers didn’t have a problem with getting these excellent diving pieces of equipment. You could order to them directly by simply filling up all the necessary information. With just one click, you can see and talk to them.

Here are a few items of what you can purchase from them to give you an idea about their product.

1.Open Circuit Backplates and accessories – This tool contains 316 stainless steel, expecting a high durability level. The backplates could handle 1 or 2 crutch straps and are complete with two flat-headed fixing bolts to take an 8mm thread.

2.Inverted Twinset Cylinder Stand – Kent Tooling also offers a stand that can support their twinset. It could use if divers are in an inverted position which perfect way to keep the valve. Also, expect that the Inverted Twinset Cylinder Stand could handle 15-liter cylinders.

3.Ratchet Reels – This Kent Tooling offers different versions and available for both left and right-handed persons.

4.Scooter Reels – Unlike Ratchet Reels, Scooter Reels comes in one version only: the right-hand version. Enjoy their available colors such as yellow, pink, and orange.

5.Standard Reel – These reels can have a conversion modification service, and if you choose to buy a friction reel and wish to put some additional features, Kent Tooling could do that for you. Just message them and discuss what you want to have, and they’ll be happy to make the arrangements. There are two sub-categories of Standard Reel. Here are they.

a. Without Spool Locking Device or the Friction Reels
b. With Spool Locking Device

These reels can both add a DSMB attachment system. It is available in either the strap version or bracket.

6.Lifting Bags – Kent Tooling lifting bags are from light polyurethane. This material made the lifting bags easy to control and keep. Available in significant sizes that are perfect for lifting 1000 kilograms. Here are the sub-categories of lifting bags for further information and choice. Remember that these sub-categories are also for a different purpose.

a. Pyramid Lifting Bags
b. Standard Lifting Bags
c. Training Lifting Bags – this type of lifting bag is primarily for training aids to retrieve objects on the surface of waters

7.Miflex Hoses and Accessories – Kent Tooling also offers a wide range of product lines of hoses. They complied with the EN250 standards and 100% sure that they could give the end-user the best performance. It also means that the Miflex hoses are tested and used at acceptable depths without a huge problem.

To name a few hoses, here is the list that you can choose according to your preference.

a. Miflex Xtreme LP BCD or Inflator Hoses has a typical BCD (Seatec) pattern suitable with an inner working Schrader valve. This design is also the most popular in the diving industry.

b. Miflex XT-Tech Low-Pressure Technical Diving Hoses – The XT flexible hose series is for divers’ additional security. The hose will remain in its place and provides stability under the water.

How to Order?

Now you know the lists of their well-known products and decided which you want to have, it’s time to get them fast. If you are a new customer, you need to create an account on their website. You don’t have to worry about giving some of your details. They will hold your personal information securely.

Moreover, upon registering, they will let you choose if you want to subscribe with them or not. I recommend subscribing to a newsletter so that every time Kent Tooling has an announcement on new products, you would be the first one to know.

After creating an account, you can finally add-to-cart the item you want, and before checking out, I recommend that you check the delivery availability at your place. If you live outside the UK, you can use their international order form to arrange your purchase.

And for an old customer, log in to your account and add to cart your product. Before checking out, it is a must to check the delivery details of Kent Tooling. Who knows, the policy might change or not. It’s better to be sure than sorry.

Other Terms

After checking out your order and settling your payment, expect that they will dispatch it soon. It would take seven (7) working days for outside UK clients before you received your item. However, it is best to check from time to time if there are sudden changes.

If you have to return the item because of defects, you will have a replacement or full refund. Please expect to receive it within 30 days. This time is also enough for them to check the products thoroughly for defect testing. If they found out that the product is in good condition, they will likely send it back to you. But if it’s not, then you will get a refund.

You can cancel your order as well within seven (7) days. Call them as soon as possible so they can assist you.

Final Thoughts

Kent Tooling is part of a diver’s daily life. Nowadays, you can instantly reach them with just one click and get the product from them. Do not hesitate to check their site on search google. Let your diving life experience their indestructible product.

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