[Update] The 450 Bushmaster vs 458 Socom

450 Bushmaster vs 458 Socom

The debate between the 450 Bushmaster and 458 Socom rounds is still raging on.

However, it appears that both rounds are powerful enough to take down a deer or bear.

The main difference between the two rounds is the size of their bullet.

The 450 Bushmaster round has a smaller bullet, while the 458 Socom round has a larger bullet.

This difference in size allows for greater damage potential against targets.

For hunters of large animals like wild boar, strong and powerful rounds are needed to stop them (prevent them from charging at you once they are shot).

Gun enthusiasts that have the AR-15 or a similar weapon typically choose the 450 Bushmaster or the 458 Socom for this purpose.

Let us look at how these two rounds compare and which one could be the better choice for you.

The 458 Socom at a Glance

458 Socom uses rounds that range from 140 to 600 grains. With regards to power, these stats are very good when going for large games like boar or bears.

When it comes to velocity, though, the 458 Socom shows some weakness. The more grain it uses, its speed tends to decrease.

For instance, a 140-grain round will attain 2.528 FPS (frames per second), but a 280-grain bullet will only go 1.798 FPS.

What this means is the 458 Socom has awesome power, however, one will have to be near a target to take advantage of this energy.

If large targets or a huge game is your thing, a distance of up to 150 yards could be your maximum effective range.

The 450 Bushmaster at a Glance

The 450 Bushmaster, by comparison, packs less power. It makes up for this by providing farther distance.

This round has a design of about 250 grains, and essentially, is limited to using 300 grains.

A 250-grain round cannot compare to a 600-grain such as that of the 458 Socom. That said, the 450 is capable of velocities reaching 2.200 FPS, despite the size of the grain.

The result in the field is the capability to down targets 220 yards far, as opposed to the 150-yard limitation of the 458 Socom.

The 450 Bushmaster is perceived to have better range flexibility, making it a great option for hunters that want a more versatile weapon.

The 450 Bushmaster And 458 Socom Essential Differences

Power Comparison

The 458 Socom can take as much as the 600-grain, compared to the 450 Bushmaster that tolerates a maximum of 300 grain.

These numbers thus play a key factor in your choice of round, depending on what you hunt. For example, if deer is what you hunt, the 450 is better suited owing to its superior distance.

Compare this to a 600-grain 458 Socom cartridge that is overkill for a nearby deer. This power is better used on more dense-bodied animals such as bears or boars.

Range Comparison

As mentioned above, the 450 Bushmaster can be effective at farther distances. Owing to its long-range superiority of 220 yards, the 450 is a better all-around bullet.

The 450 Bushmaster on the other hand can save you if a rampaging bear confronts you. Its incredible stopping power will serve you well in such a life and death situation.

Comparison of Recoil

Due to the inherent limitations of handling more grains, the 450 Bushmaster sustains much less recoil, compared to the 458 Socom.

Pluses of the 458 SOCOM

For anyone looking for awesome stopping power in closer range hunting scenarios, the .458 SOCOM is the optimal round.

This also holds true if you are into reloading or intend to get into it in the near future.

Ammunition for this round could prove difficult to locate as a factory load. As a result of this, being a reloader will allow you to save money and precious time.

With rounds that weigh all the way to 600 grains, the .458 SOCOM is powerful. It can stop almost any large game as it is hit.

Just make certain that you are situated from a distance of approximately 150 yards or nearer.

Pluses of the 450 Bushmaster

The .450 Bushmaster is the better pick for some if pitted against the .458 SOCOM.

The farther hunting distance, accessibility to stock ammunition as well as bullet options for reloading purposes make it a great choice for hunting.

The .450 Bushmaster is also particularly advantageous in states that permit hunting using straight-walled cartridges in rifles.

It is likewise the better round for shooters who exclusively use factory-issued ammunition and reloaders who prefer more choices of bullet molds.

The .450 Bushmaster is the superior round to select if you are a hunter from a state that does not permit hunting using rifles that have bottleneck-type loads.

It also provides decent stopping power all the way to the 250-yard range using the AR-15 style rifle.

The 450 Bushmaster vs 458 Socom – Which Wins?

These two bullets, the 450 Bushmaster and the 458 Socom are both excellent with stopping power for AR-15s.

As expected, they have their own little nuances that differentiate their application in the field.

This post’s goal is to explain the main and most distinct variances of these two cartridges to allow for a more informed decision of which round to load up with.

Hopefully, after reading this, selecting one appropriate for your hunting needs is much easier. Choose the right bullet, and have fun hunting large game safely and effectively.

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