[Update] FNX 9 vs Glock 19

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FNX 9 vs Glock 19

The FNX 9 vs Glock 19 is a popular debate that continues to rage on.

With the release of the FNX 9 reaching the market, many shooters have decided to make the switch from their Glock 19s.

The FNX 9 has been gaining a lot of popularity lately as people seem to be drawn to its sleek design and performance.

The Glock 19, on the other hand, is a well-known firearm that has been around for many years and is known for its reliability and accuracy.

FN FNX 9 vs Glock 19 – which is the better pistol?

If you are selecting from these two, will you use it as a self-defense weapon or a sport gun for target shooting?

Handguns for either purpose should be used sufficiently in the range to develop a familiarity with the weapon.

Here is a back-to-back comparison.


These two pistols have demonstrated great reliability. Glocks used in law enforcement are reported to perform flawlessly.

The FNX9 pistols are also said to be of extreme consistency. While they are used less extensively, there is no reason to believe they will falter under extreme stress.

Some say an aspect in which the FNX9 could be better than the Glock19 is detonating very “hard” or insensitive primers.

The belief is that striker-fired guns do not strike the primer as well as a firing pin hit by a hammer.
People are not sure of the actual physics involved, but hammer-equipped pistols are capable of a stronger hit to the primer using the firing pin, when compared to striker-fired models.

This might not be a big issue in real applications and with the majority of ammunition, whether civilian or military issue.

Many countries’ law enforcement use Glocks. This would not be so if the Glock is observed to be unreliable in the field of conflict or combat.

Magazine Loading

The FNX9 magazines can be difficult to load to capacity at first.

After using it many times this improves.

The Glock 19 has an easier magazine to use from the get-go.

Capacity of Magazines

The FNX9 will hold 17 while the Glock 19 holds 15. If using an extended floor plate or a Glock 17 magazine, the Glock 19 can sort of compete.

Stock configurations though have the FNX9 holding more rounds per magazine.
Safety Features
Both guns feature internal firing pin blocks and both lack magazine safeties. They have external safeties if you consider the Glock 19’s “Safe Action” trigger design to be one.

One can engage the FNX9 safety in any hammer position.

Resistance to Corrosion

The two guns are both goods in the aspect of corrosion resistance. This is owing to the use of polymer frames.
The Glock 19’s finish through the years shows that it is quite durable and resistant to corrosion.

The FNX 9 has stainless steel components, be they coated or not, and should also be impervious to corrosion.


It is difficult to pick out the mechanically superior weapon. Both their barrels lock up in the same way and both are designed and meant to be used as service pistols.

Marksmen are also consistent in pointing out that they get tighter groups with the FNX9 in comparison to the G19.
When speed shooting or if firing at targets with bigger scoring rings, advantages are too miniscule to determine which pistol is superior inaccuracy. As a range gun, many say they prefer the FNX9.

Straight from the factory, many like the FNX9 sights compared to the Glock19’s. However, with the Glock, this is not a problem as sight-selection is huge and very easy to install.

Here are some comparisons of these two excellent weapons.

Design and Feel

The FNX9 is very comfortable. Feel will depend on personal taste, and some find the location of the thumb safety levers awkward.


The bore axis of the Glock19 is a bit lower than the FNX9’s. However, in actual firing using either standard pressure and +P 9mm loads, it is difficult to discern any difference.

Both kick or muzzle flip feel virtually the same. It does not show up also on the timer.
Quicker, more advanced sport shooters could possibly feel some difference, but more casual shooters will not.
Many observe that the FNX9’s checkered rear grip strap is a bit harsh for comfort when shooting. This is remedied by most thru changing to an arched design with lateral ridges.

The third-generation Glock 19’s are found to be ok as is.

Maintenance and Disassembly

These two handguns are straightforward to field-strip to perform cleaning routinely. The FNX9 magazine can be a bit simpler to take apart compared to the Glock 19s.

The Glock 19 can edge out the FNS in disassembly. This is because detail stripping the FNX9 is not possible
One must destroy the polymer thumb safety levers to remove and allow the disassembly process.

This design is owing to FN’s precautions against unauthorized and unsafe modifications to their handguns.
This also avoids getting the company dragged into lawsuits on careless gun design.


The two handguns are similar in size. The Glock 19 is a tad lighter and slightly more compact. Concealing either of the two is going to require just about the same effort.

The greatest difference is in the slightly higher height of the FNX 9. Holster design and clothing will have more of an impact when it comes to concealability.

The Clear Winner

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no clear winner, which is the better pistol. It will all boil down to personal taste.

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