SOLVED! Shock Cord vs Paracord – Whats the difference

Is a paracord and parachute cord the same thing

Ever wonder what the big deal is with shock cord vs paracord?

Here is a quick look at the main differences between the two types of cords.

In short, shock cord is made from nylon while paracord is made from various types of braided nylon.

Shock cord is less durable than paracord, but it can be twisted into tighter knots.

Paracord also has a higher tensile strength and can be used to make stronger survival traps and laces.

When it comes to emergency preparedness, having the right gear is essential.

But what’s the best emergency cord? Paracord or shock cord? Here’s a breakdown of what each is made of, and what makes them different.

Shock Cord vs. Paracord

Shock Cords and Paracords are greatly recommended for hikers or mountaineers. Both are some types of ropes thus they are made differently. Shock cord is made from a stretchable bungee cord whereas paracord is not made with stretchable fibers.

Many costumers interchange shock cords and paracords. Hence their application is needed together to work. It usually serves as a rope for tying equipment in hikes, surviving tools, and even for tying a person for restraint. Mostly, shock cords are an advantage because they can be quickly accessed than paracord. But paracord is still needed because of its rigidity or firmness.

When should I use Shock Cord

When should I use Shock Cord?

Shock cords are meant to be used in various ways and these are the following. In terms of moving things, shock cords work best at any vehicle load. It secures your loads for it typically absorbs the shock coming from the bumps while going on the road.

Apart from that, shock cords are also the most recommended for their durable material cord for replacing straps in chairs. Plus, for athletes, shock cords are in great use for ball storage and handles. Lastly, shock cords are best for a household in terms of organizing, storage, connecting appliances, and other desired uses.

should I use Shock Cord

When should I use Paracord?

Paracord is a multipurpose cord made with lightweight and strong fibers. It is best for survival mode during camps and hikes. Based on the many reviews, there are many purposes for paracords, and it only depends on the way you use them and when do you need them.

Since it has a nylon or polyester component which is a flammable material, that is a good source of flame for burning woods for a campfire when added with dried plants or leaves. Aside from tying knots, it is a great cord for tying woods for a basecamp shelter.

Other than that, Paracords are also used to lift supplies and hang them in a tree to keep them out of reach from wild animals at resting or sleeping time. Moreover, paracord also works as an improvised bowstring and an animal trap to catch wild animals and fish for food.

Is a paracord and parachute cord the same thing?

Parachute cord, Paracord, 550 cord, and Type-III paracord are all the same terms. Paracords are made from lightweight materials of nylon kernmantle rope. This type of rope originally started as suspension lines in a parachute in airborne units in militaries of World War II. Now, this cord is readily available in markets and used as utility cords.

Typically, paracords are used as a harness for gears, and other important items that are needed immediately so it is just tied down. For survival situations, fishing lines, shoelaces, yarns, or string uses and can be a bracelet or lanyards for fashion use.

Are shock cords stretchy?

Shock cords or sometimes called as bungee cord. This is an elastic woven material. It came from different rubberized strands that are heated and transformed with other substances such as nylon that is braided together in a machine to create a full bundle of shock cords.

Shock cord vs paracord

Apart from its ability to stretch, it is durable and very strong. Mostly, shock cords are used in securing luggage or equipment at the back or top of a car or any storage area. In adventurous people, shock cords are the best cord for bungee jumping too.

Is paracord stronger than rope?

Ropes are strong, but Paracords are stronger. Many factors weaken a cord or a rope. One of them is knotting. The Type III cord can handle for at least 550 lbs. only and the Type IV paracord handles 750 lbs. at least.

Based on previews reviews and studies, frequent knotting weakens the strength of a rope up to 75% to 80% of the standard weight. And worse is down on 60% to 65% of its rated weight. In paracords, its inner strand has a static load rating of 50lbs, and its outer has more than 200 lbs. of static load rating.

Even though paracord is stronger than standard ropes, there is still a limitation set for its usage especially when going on hikes, water sports, or just household purposes can generate risk factors for losing its strength.


In summary, Shock cords or bungee cords are elastic ropes that are suitable for easy knots and access to gears and equipment. It can carry several loads for your gears and other traveling equipment. While Paracord is a multipurpose product that is essential also for many things such as hiking, camping, survival kit alternatives, and many more. And with that, this article hoped to have assisted you to understand the differentiation of Shock Cord vs. Paracord.

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