How to make AK47 full auto?

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How to make AK47 full auto

The Kalashnikov Model 1947, also known as the AK-47, is the most used rifle around the world.

It is famous enough to sell a lot even on the black market.
If you’re looking to get your hands on an automatic Kalashnikov rifle, there’s a good chance you’ll need to make one yourself.

Making a fully automatic AK47 is a relatively simple process and can be done with just a few simple tools and supplies.

If you have access to a machine shop or can find someone to do so, the process is actually pretty easy.

Otherwise, you can do the job yourself with simple hand tools. Once you have full auto working on your AK47, you’ll be able to shoot as fast as the real thing!

It’s not as difficult as one might think, and with a little ingenuity and some know-how, you can build an AK47 fully automatic rifle from scratch.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that outlines the basics of how to do it.

How to make an AK-47 full auto?

To make a fully automated AK-47, the handler must ensure to have a legal license.

In several countries, some rules and regulations needed to be followed in using these kinds of a rifle.

Then gather your materials and equipment for the building.

If you want a specific auto part, you can buy one at the store.

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First, use a grill to make a 7mm hole on the left side of the receiver and make a 55mm hole on the right side.

Separate the receiver from the security of the template. Now move the axis pins into the hole that are marked by 3 and 4, and then by making use of a scribe, mark the hole in number 2.

Replace the pin and move the template to the other side of the receiver.

On the left side another two drills.

Then, carefully carry and move it onto a table, focus on positioning the bolt carrier guide rail on the receiver wall.

Lastly, drill a 1/16 “hole nearby the receiver wall, and the rifle restrictor could be on the right side, but this is not that useful so you can either cut or leave it in position.

You can make a light cut ¼” and block the inside using wood or aluminum hit.

When you are done select a fired rifle and move the selector in the middle position to achieve the full-automatic AK-47 rifle.

How many bullets does an AK-47 shoot per second?

An AK-47 or the Kalashnikov model 1947 is a type of rifle that is a widely used weapon.

It is created with a 7.62 mm which has a velocity of 700 meters per second.

It has a cycling firing rate that reached 600 rounds in both automatic and semiautomatic AK-47.

Also, its magazine holds 30 rounds and with a distinct gas tube right above the barrel.

It was placed on purpose to fire active the mechanism that had ejected the used cartridge and cook the hammer.

How many bullets does an AK-47 shoot per second?

How many bullets does an AK-47 shoot per second?

Is it possible to convert an AK-47 to full auto?

Yes, it is possible to convert an AK-47 to full auto.

There are a few different methods that can be used, and each has its own set of pros and cons.

The most common way to convert an AK-47 to full auto is by using a conversion kit.

These kits come with all the necessary parts to make the conversion happen, and they’re fairly easy to install.

The downside of conversion kits is that they’re generally more expensive than doing the conversion yourself, and they may not be compatible with all AK-47 models.

Another option is to buy an AK-47 that’s already been converted to full auto.

This type of weapon can be more difficult to find, but it’s also more expensive than converting a standard AK-47

Why is an AK-47 so dangerous?

Gun enthusiasts consider the AK-47 as one of the most lethal weapons ever created.

Its capacity to kill equalizes the top nuclear weapons in the world.

The common structure of this rifle is not meant for carrying around while shooting because it is big and heavy.

The old AK-47 in 1947 is still hard to fire but the modernized AKM has improved from structure to its capacity.

Its firepower reaches 300 meters with a 7.62mm high velocity.

With that kind of power, it can even shatter your body from skin, muscles, bones, and organs into pieces once hit by its bullet.

In conclusion, a shooter must be careful in using this rifle because it is dangerous and deadly.

Can you survive being shot by an AK-47

Can you survive being shot by an AK-47?

Surviving a gunshot is crucial especially when it comes to powerful weapons.

The survival rate also differs on the area being shot.

Being shot by an AK-47 could bring you to the hospital and even in the operating bed.

Luckily, if you are not shot by the head or the heart, you are more likely to survive.

From several statements of people wounded due to AK-47 is they ended with a bruise, severe bleeding depending on the site, crushed bone, damaged muscle, and even penetration of the bullet that needed to be operated to see any other damage of the organ.

Therefore, it is important to treat the wound immediately to prevent further infection that may lead to death.

Are AK-47 guns illegal?

Ak-47 guns are only legal in a few countries.

It is known that this type of gun is cheap when you are close to the production site.

Plus, can be purchased easily unlike other guns.

A study from Transnational Crime in the Developing World has discovered that the Ak-47 is sold illegally for about $150 to $3,600 in black markets and dark websites especially in countries like the United States that consider it illegal.

How much does a full-auto AK-47 cost?

The AK-47 model is designed for the Soviet military to be a durable, reliable, and cheaper partner in the operation. And due to its cheap price, this became popular not only among soldiers but also among criminals and militants. Thus, gaining more buyers on black markets and illegal sites.

Considering that this kind of firearm is in demand especially in illegal countries, there are several prices with that. Inauthentic stores, an AK-47 commonly ranges from $75.00.

In America, since it is illegal, there are clones made with the same structure as the AK-47 and it costs around $900 to $1500 including travel fees. In Afghanistan, the gun costs $600, Paris costs about $1,135.

Lastly, in the darknet AK-47 costs from $2,800 up to $3,600.


After giving a glimpse in this article do you already know how to make AK-47 full auto?

The process of performing this task may take time, but it guides you on the way to make the AK-47 automatic. Finally, it is up to you to purchase and upgrade your rifle for better performance.

In conclusion, making an AK47 full auto is a relatively simple process, but it is illegal in the United States.

If you are interested in making your own full auto AK47, it is important to research the laws in your state and country before proceeding.

Also, be sure to take all necessary precautions to avoid injuring yourself or others while making your weapon.

Thanks for reading!

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