Is A 400 fps Compound Bow The Hunting Weapon For You?

400 fps Compound Bow

Freedom to move and great velocities are just among the advantages of using a compound bow. Compound bows that provide powerful shots are pure joy to bring with you hunting. Besides being able to quickly prepare and take a shot, the mechanisms of a compound bow will provide extreme velocity otherwise difficult to achieve.

A 400 fps Compound Bow is Very Fast

When out in the field hunting, swiftness is key for success. The ideal weapon you bring will need to factor in a few variants. A 400 fps (fps meaning – feet per second) compound bow is an ideal model an experienced huntsman should opt for. The ability to load rapidly is a primary concern.

When searching or shopping for a good compound bow, always factor in the speed of reloading and cocking, together with the swiftest arrows you can use. The operative word here is “speed!”

How to Select the Optimum 400 Fps Compound Bow

Does having to select a compound bow among the dozens flooding the market confuse you? Well, if it does, you are certainly not alone.

The many products in the market are certainly very difficult to choose from. To make things easier for you, here is a quick but thorough guide that helps you sift through the many brands and models.

Do Your Compound Bow Homework

Product knowledge is always essential for making a wise and informed decision. Knowledge matters a lot, so go out of your way to research compound bows before buying one. Formulate questions that you should ask yourself such as these ones.

– Is the value of a 400 fps compound bow sensible?
– Are there benefits to using a 400 fps compound bow?
– What are the features to look for in a 400 fps compound bow?
– Does investment in a 400 fps compound bow make sense?
– What are the rated 400 fps compound bows in the market?
– What is considered the best 400 fps compound bow for this year?

More on Compound Bow Selection

Compound bow specifications can be confusing but hopefully, this post will help. Try and learn about things like brace height, axle-to-axle lengths and draw weights, and more factors.

The internet is replete with sources on these topics. Come to the end of this post you will be much more knowledgeable if you take the time to study the workings of a compound bow.

Shopping for a compound bow with no information is foolish. For instance, to presume that one brand is far better or worse compared to another is a very wrong assumption.

Between the significant compound bow manufacturers, their actuality is a lot of equality and similarities. The distinguishing factor from one brand to the next is not so much quality.

You will find that what sets one brand apart from the other is stuff like style, the technology employed, sales positioning, and marketing tricks. It is foolish to conclude that one manufacturer is bad, while the other brand is great. There are no such generalities.

Compound Bow Pricing

A brand new compound bow will set you back starting at around $300. The high side of that will be around a grand. So exactly how much should one shell out? Does the adage “you get what you pay for” apply here? Let us briefly examine how price points are determined. We will also look at how buyers can easily get lured for the wrong reasons.

Look Into the Technology of the Compound Bow Models

Why should I believe that a compound bow is capable of 400 fps, while another achieves just 300 fps? Is there a technical reason that is responsible for such? Here let us separate what is marketing flash, and what is substance.

The truth about cam technology and other factors is what matters. A smooth-performing bow that is effortless to draw but has lots of power is something to look for.

Technical Inferiorities Do Exist

Have you encountered reviews of a compound bow that seems to have inherent problems? Compound bows and other archery products have to operate under regulation.

Fortunately or not, these rules affect the outcomes of manufacturing. As a result of this, there are recurring issues and entrenched problems that happen at the retail level.

The best way to learn about these issues is to research online. Many compound bow forums will openly discuss problems. Other sources besides online forums are product reviews and ratings, word-of-mouth, reputable buying guides, and affiliate marketing sites.

As mentioned earlier, research is indispensable prior to purchasing a quality 400 fps compound bow.

The secret is to make certain you are sourcing information from credible sources, online or otherwise. Ideally, choose a buyer’s guide for 400 fps compound bows that publish strictly honest and verified facts.

A reliable buyers guide will make use of information that is gathered over very large databases, as well as unbiased sources. Also, make sure that you only rely on endorsements that do not have a marketing agenda. If a site or source is trying to sell you a particular model, be wary.

Here are some checklist points to keep in mind as you go through the selection process for a 400 fps compound bow.

– Is the brand value good? (Is there empirical evidence that the brand represents quality?)
– What are the features and specifications compared to competing models?
– Does the product offer good value? (Bang for your buck)
– What are the ratings and reviews? (Is there consistency in what people say?)
– What is the overall quality? (Build quality will always get a rating, so look into it)

In Conclusion

Even when you come across reliable and trustworthy information, you must make sure that it is up to date. There could be many resources out there that are great, but they could be dated. Thus, always make sure that a source such as a website or a review blog is updated.

Furthermore, especially when it comes to online forums, do not be content with just reading threads. Try and get more involvement by joining the conversation.

Engage in the discussions so you can ask your own specific questions. Compound bows are a very personal thing to own, so try and engage yourself whenever the opportunity presents itself before you actually go out and buy one.

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