[Updated] Where to buy firewood for camping?

Where to buy firewood for camping

Camping is not complete without a fire. Nevertheless, you cannot create the iconic campfire without an adequate supply of firewood. And with that, this article gives you enough information on where to buy firewood for camping. Exploring for a place to purchase firewood just keep scrolling and you will find the answers.

Where to Buy Firewood for Camping?

The most recommended for all campers is to go to a local wood store near you. In local areas of your campsite, they have the cheapest firewood available in town. It may be tricky to locate, but these kinds of people are just around the camp area and have available firewood on hand.

Apart from that, you can also buy firewood from local gas stations. It might be a little expensive than local wood stores, thus they have a good quality of firewood for camping. As you passed by different gas stations on the way to the campsites, you may observe a pile of firewood.

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If you are not able to purchase anything from local stores, you can get firewood from Mother nature. But it is important to follow the legal rules on local campsites if it is allowed to cut branches and stalks from trees for free.

There are instances where you cannot buy firewood at local stores and the only option you have is to get from trees surrounding the campsite. Before anything else, a responsible camper must inquire first about the local regulations near the camping area.

Since other provinces are vulnerable to wildfires. The season, weather, and other factors must be considered. The local agencies can decide either the scheduled camping is allowed or not. And whether it is safe to camp for that day.

After knowing all that information, you can proceed to get the permission of creating a campfire. Inquire if it is legal to gather firewood while camping and whether it will not cause any harm to the environment.

How Much Firewood do I need for Camping

How Much Firewood do I need for Camping?

After discovering where to find cheap firewood, the next query is the amount needed to produce enough fire in a camp. Consideration in calculating the amount of firewood includes the size of the fire and how long will it last. If you want to create a bigger fire, you will need a lot of firewood.

Firewood is mostly sold per bundle, which holds 4 to 5 pieces of wood depending on the supplier. If the visualized duration for the campfire is 1 to 2 hours and with a small to medium fire, you may require one bundle of wood. Nonetheless, the type of firewood must be dry to easily make a fire.

Can I bring my own firewood camping?

Bringing your firewood maybe not a good decision. Even though it could save you money, thus it can affect the environment. It can cause the spread or killing of insects or animals in the forest. Since campsites are in forests area, many insects and animals are living in that area.

If you bring your firewood from home, the bugs and insects residing from tree branches will spread and crawl out in the campground. In this case, it will cause a great disturbance to campers. Moreover, insects and bugs may bring a disease if bitten or in contact with. That is why campers are encouraged to purchase at local stores for camp firewood.

How To Store Firewood

There is not much process on how to store firewood for camping. The only enemy you have is the water. Always keep your firewood dry because technically, the drier the wood it will be easier to build a fire. Although, wet wood is still a good source of fiber. It will only consume some time before it starts to burn completely and make a fire.

Besides, as part of safety precaution, do not store firewood near any flammable substances such as gasoline, stoves, and even a generator for it can induce a spark that leads to a dangerous fire.

How to keep firewood dry?

Camping could get ruined if you found out that your campsite has been affected by heavy rain, plus your firewood has been soaked with water or moist with rainwater. Although it is possible to make a fire on a plank of wet wood, it is still difficult to maintain the buildup of fire for it can only make light for a short period.

And to solve that problem, many campers would bring an extra tarpaulin or container for storage of woods. It is best to wrap the wood with old tarpaulins for these are waterproof. Aside from that, you can pile the woods on a wood pallet and cover it with extra cellophane or covering. Lastly, if there is still an extra compartment at the back of your vehicle, it can also serve as good storage for woods.


To wrap everything, camping is enjoyable if you observe and inquire about the legal rules at the site which gives you awareness and prevents problems. Not all campsites are ready for big campfires which is the number one purpose of camping. Despite that, the answers to where to buy firewood for camping are all mentioned above.

Firewood is essentially available in local stores at campsites or local gas stations. The pricing may be a little expensive in gas stations than local stores, but both are securely safe and recommended wood for making fire at camp.

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