Removing Gorilla Tape — How-to’s and Tips

how to remove gorilla tape
Gorilla tape is an everlasting tape and waterproof that is mostly preferred because of its extreme durability. It can withstand harsh climate conditions, and most outdoor enthusiasts like to use it because it works well on wet surfaces.

However, regardless of the Gorilla tape’s usefulness, there are times that people need to remove this. Instances such as changing the object connecting the gorilla tape are some of the cases. Also, expect that once the work is over, its adhesive leaves a stain, and we need this to remove.

This article could provide you with a piece of information on how to remove gorilla tape. Aside from the how-to’s, you will learn some tips that make your life easier to eliminate unwanted stains. So, read more and find out.

Different procedures how to remove gorilla tape

Procedure #1: Use WD-40 oil.

The specific product and famous method to remove gorilla tape is WD-40 oil. Additionally, you only need a fresh cloth and this product to start the process. The following are the simple steps to follow to remove the gorilla tape stains.

1. Spray on the stained area and let it be for 5 minutes.
2. Rub it with a fresh cloth. After a few minutes of rubbing, the stain is gone.

The WD-40 oil works wonder not only for gorilla tape stain but also for wood, metal, and other coating surfaces. However, you should avoid using this oil in polycarbonate and transparent polystyrene plastic surfaces because it may harm the components.

Procedure #2: Use acetone.

A solvent like acetone works wonders in gorilla tape stains, especially for stains that ordinary solvents didn’t remove. Acetone can also work on fabrics and hard surfaces that have gorilla stains.

The procedure is simple. Follow these steps to eliminate the annoying stains.
1. Get a clean cloth or cotton.
2. Soak it in acetone.
3. Please put it on the stains and let it be for five minutes.
4. After five minutes, remove the cotton and wipe the surface.

Continue the procedure until the stains are gone. The result would amaze you because acetone removes the stains without affecting the surface.

Procedure #3: Use mineral spirit.

You can consider mild solvents before trying the strong ones. Mineral spirit is known as a mild solvent to eradicate gorilla tape stain. If this stain is on acrylic surfaces, the mineral spirit is the best solvent to use.
The procedure to eradicate the stain using mineral spirit is easy. Follow the step after preparing the materials to use, such as the rug and the solvent.

1. Immerse the blemishes in a mineral spirit.
2. Leave it for a few minutes and let the mineral spirit work on the stain.
3. After a few minutes, gently rub the stains using a rug.

The three simple steps would be enough to remove the stain. However, if this simple solvent won’t work, try the more potent solvent, as mentioned earlier.

Procedure #4: Apply generic adhesive remover.

Fluids for cigarette lighters are some examples of adhesive remover. You can use this to eliminate the stain from gorilla tape. Goo-gone is also helpful to remove gorilla tape residue. It works wonders for all super sticky problems created by tapes or stickers. You can use this with a clean cloth to remove the residue.

Tips on how to remove gorilla tape residue on different surfaces

On the hard surface such as the wall, tile, or glass:
These surfaces can easily remove the residue by applying stain remover and swab. After rubbing it, you can wash it carefully. Do not forget to use heated soapy water for the best result.

On clothes and fabrics:
If gorilla tapes have stained these surfaces, merely apply the chemical on the clothes or fabric’s surface. Consequently, gently rub the stains for a few minutes and clean the material with soap and water.

Other tips and how-tos

Solvents and other chemicals could be harmful to your health. So before using them, always take necessary precautions.

Always use gloves to remove gorilla tape’s stain.

Before starting the procedure, it is better to take a little trial to know the process’s effect. This may also identify if there would be a reaction on the surface or in the user.

Do not forget to read the chemical’s manual or warnings to avoid accidents.

Warnings and Cautions
Be sure that you are in a well-ventilated area before using solvents especially acetone-based chemicals, to avoid accidents.

It’s a big NO to use a hairdryer because this may cause damage on the surface or accidents.
Do not use blades to remove gorilla tape residue. Scraping it will only destroy the surface.
Always apply the remover or chemicals on the area or in a rug. Avoid using the used mat for other purposes to avoid mishaps.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Can gorilla tape work on bumpy surfaces?
Answer: Yes. We can use gorilla tape on rough surfaces like brick, plaster, wood, and metal. This tape is created with intensive adhesive and can fill exteriors’ gaps compared to regular duct tapes. However, we advised cleaning the surface before applying the gorilla tape for a more effortless procedure.

Question: Can gorilla tape be used as a substitute for electrical tape?
Answer: No. Gorilla tape cannot be used as a substitute for electrical tape because it does not have a stable adhesive that requires electric use and has no voltage rating.

Question: How can I use gorilla tape?
Answer: Before putting it on a surface, be sure that it is clean. This way, it will provide and help attain a good tie on the surface.


Gorilla tape is known for its heavy-duty bond all over the world. It fixes almost everything, such as damage to the rook and car trunk. And because of its super sticky ability, removing it and its stains causes a problem.

The tips and how-tos we provided would give you confidence on how to remove gorilla tape stains. So do not hesitate to buy and use gorilla tape. Removing it wouldn’t be a huge problem now that you know the procedures.

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