[Updated] Hiking in Shorts vs Pants

Are you looking for a hike that will take your mind off of work and stress?

If so, hiking in shorts may be the perfect solution for you.

However, before you hit the trails, it is important to know which type of hike is best for you: pants or shorts.

A common debate amongst hikers is whether or not to hike in shorts or pants.

The pros and cons of each are listed below.

Shorts are lighter and cooler than pants, but they can be more restrictive in how you move.

Pants offer more protection from the elements, but they can be more cumbersome and take up more room in your pack.

One of the many confusing problems in hiking aside from the gears, equipment, and other camping material is accurate clothing.

Hiking on shorts or pants makes it difficult for other people to distinguish which is better.

Choosing the right hiking clothes varies in many aspects.

And for that reason, keep on reading this article to know the difference between hiking in shorts vs. pants.

Hiking in Shorts vs Pants – Which one is better?

The choice of what to wear during hikes depends on you.

Hence, it is important to consider several factors of shorts vs. pants before traveling outdoors.

Factors involved are the comfort level, weather condition, location, and time of the hike.

In terms of wearing shorts, it is only advisable in a quick or not more than 24 hours of hike.

During warm weather or summertime, you can wear shorts for it is comfortable, gives freedom to your movement, and is also cooler than wearing pants.

The disadvantage of wearing shorts is you are prone to insect bites, poison ivy from trails, and knee-cuts or bruises while hiking.

On the other hand, wearing pants is an advantage on a very long hike and cold weather conditions.

Moreover, in a heavily vegetative trail, pants give protection to your leg from hazardous pigments or poison from several plants that you may pass.

Do you really need hiking pants

Do you really need hiking pants?

Commonly, shorts are preferred in hikes in summer than pants.

But it is up to you what clothes provide you comfort.

You can always wear your hiking pants anytime you want.

But this can be very challenging especially on rainy days for the fabric may stain from mud.

If you are a little extra, it is best to invest in hiking pants that are made from synthetic nylons.

This type of material is recommended outdoors because it enables you to keep warm especially in cold weather.

It also serves as skin protection from dangerous plants and trails.

Thus, if you sweat too much or engage in water, its fabric has the capacity to dry quicker than other ordinary pants.

Lastly, hiking pants are fashioned with many side pockets which are perfect for storing extra things during travels.

Can I wear running shorts for hiking

Can I wear running shorts for hiking?

Yes, you can wear running shorts for hikes.

Nonetheless, there several pros and cons to it.

In modern times, running shorts are only worn on track and field sports.

Many hikers changed their preference of clothing because they have found some benefits while wearing it.

Technically, running shorts are made with a piece of lightweight fabric so you can easily stretch and rapidly walk or move.

An additional bonus is that they are quick-dry material and easy to layer with other clothing if you prefer to wear pants later in the evening or anytime.

Some running shorts are also featured with an extra mesh inner layer that does not require you to wear undies anymore.

It allows fresh air to pass and leave your legs, giving you a cooler and fresh sensation.

The only downside of wearing running shorts for hikes is that they cannot protect your knees and legs from sunburns, allergens, and wounds.

Most running shorts also do not have extra pockets for storing gear.

Should you wear long pants when hiking

Should you wear long pants when hiking?

As I was saying in the previous questions, you can wear either short or long pants, but before that, you should consider several factors that you might encounter while on the track.

Assess your need for safety, comfort, and the environment that you are going to.

In talking about safety, you should foresee the trails and extent of your hike.

Include the season or the difference in weather conditions between night and day.

Long pants are best recommended if your hike will last overnight or days.

It is essential to use long pants because it has multiple capacities to keep you safe especially from environmental hazards.

It has multi-purpose pocket spaces and keeps you warm on a cold night at the mountain.

Aside from that, the material made from the long pants provides comfort avoiding sweats, chills, or water spills, due to polyester, nylons, or merino wool fabrics.

And with, long pants on hikes allows you to flex each muscle and move comfortably throughout your adventure.

Should you wear long pants when hiking?

Should you wear long pants when hiking?


Generally discussing, anyone could wear anything on a hike, but only a real hiker or backpacker will know the difference between hiking in shorts vs. pants.

Overall, it is important to identify the right clothing when going out.

Expect good and bad outcomes from the weather or season, the safety of the trails, environmental appearance, extra needs, and the feeling of wearing it.

Contemplate on the numerous factors, create a plan first to avoid distractions, and to have the most enjoyable experience.

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