[Update] Glock Blue Label Vs Red Label

Glock Blue Label Vs. Red Label

The Glock brand of handguns is one of the most popular firearms in the world.

The Glock model 17 is a semi-automatic pistol that has been in production since 1976.

In 2007, Glock launched two new models of handguns, the Glock Blue Label and the Glock Red Label.

The Blue Label is made out of more expensive materials than the Red Label, and has a higher price tag.

If you have been planning to replace or buy one of the Glock firearms, you may have noticed and got confused about the labeled colors of each case on your purchase.

Since guns are essential especially if you are one of the responders that keeps the society at peace and in order.

A user should know the differences between each product.

Glocks may have different ways of organizing their products, they have their reasons to ensure proper use of it.

We will look at their features, specs, and reviews to help you decide which one is best for you.

If you want to figure out the meaning behind those labels well, continue to read this article for it will introduce you to the differences between Glock Blue Label Vs. Red Label, and other related queries with this product.

Glock Blue Label Vs. Red Label

Glock blue labels are only made for those first responders namely the police, military, and other securities that serve the country. Aside from that, professional law enforcement and GSSF members can get discounts when purchasing blue label Glocks.

If a private citizen desires to purchase a blue label Glocks must be a member of the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation (GSSF) with proper credentials such as legal IDs, certifications, and other valid forms to prove their identity.

On the other hand, red label Glocks served as a standard capacity magazine. It is commonly made and allowed to be purchased by civilians in wholesale pricing. It holds up to 10+ rounds of magazines. All in all, there was no difference when it comes to the pistol, but in terms of its contents, the Red label Glock has 2 sets of magazines while the Blue label has 3 magazines.

Can a civilian buy a blue label Glock?

According to the Glock company, the Blue Label Program has only selected customers. As previously mentioned, the recognition of those allowed to purchase a blue label Glock is only for those who protect and serve the nation. These are the city law enforcement, firefighters, military personnel, guards, and other licensed security officers.

In this sector, they offer pistols and other weapons for only law enforcers because it has the durability that bears extreme usage without jamming. It ensures safety for it is trigger safety. Lastly, it has more capacity and power than ordinary ammunition.

However, even though the clue label Glock is for important personnel only, a private citizen can purchase this product by following the Blue Label Program Condition. One of the conditions is to become a member of the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) and be registered with two-year expertise and membership.

Is it true that Blue Label Glocks come with a magazine more than Red Label Glocks in most cases?

Red-labeled Glocks have only 2 magazines while the blue-labeled Glocks contain 3 magazines even before the production of other Glock models such as Gen 4 pistols. But, at this present time, all colors of Glock labels should contain 3 magazines. The only difference is the Glock Subcompact only provides 2 magazines for caliber users.

What is a GSSF membership?

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation of the so-called GSSF. It is a legal and safe foundation that establishes a responsible use of Glock firearms, thus encouraging people to participate in shooting sports. This organization started back in the 1990s and has grown up to this day. With over 22,000 members, there are a lot of opportunities to join 50 outdoor and more than 60 indoor shooting matches every year.

Before acquiring the benefits of GSSF, one must become a member first if you are not part of law enforcement or first security responders. A GSSF membership card form contains a membership card or a discount pistol purchase coupon. One must fill a registration form from their online site or stores and present legal documents required by the foundation.

The GSSF members remind all new members that ages 21 and below are not eligible for purchasing discounts. The membership cards are approved and issued by certified staff only, so be careful with bogus sellers of Glock products. Lastly, members are only allowed to buy one Glock per year and will be held responsible for each tax or fee required by local stores, state, and other federal laws.

How much do you save with Glock Blue Label?

Only a few dealers can sell blue-label Glocks. Although there are areas and websites around many countries that legally offer Glock guns, ammo, and other stuff. Thus, there are differences when it comes to the pricing of each product.

Since we already knew that blue-label Glocks are only for first responders, some civilians must submit documents to be registered in the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) program for benefits and discounts. But there are several appraisals with regards to the blue label Glocks.

Based on the customer’s review, the discount ranges from $75-$100. Other standard Glocks are priced from $398. 20 to $425 only depending on the model that you are ordering. However there are some customers who claim that discounts are a lifesaver, and some consider it as a fraud for there are Glock dealers who do not give discounts.


After getting the information about Glock Blue Label Vs. Red Label, it is up to you on which product would you spend your money on.

If ever you want to purchase a red-label Glock, it will be less hassle than blue label Glock products because you must register in a GSSF (Glock Sport Shooting Foundation) if you are not working as a law enforcer. And finally, no matter what label you choose, you must ensure responsibility in using your firearms for good reason.

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