Coleman catalytic heater fuel [ Update ]

Coleman catalytic heater fuel

Coleman Catalytic Heaters are essential in trips or camping in cold weather.

Having a heater provides assistance to heat yourself and prevent being cold and keeps you comfortable.

However, other consumers wonder what the Coleman catalytic heater fuel is to be used.

So, to help you resolve your query we have made this article to offer more information about it.

Coleman catalytic heater fuel is a type of propane that is used in catalytic heaters.

The fuel is made up of hydrocarbons and oxygen, and it is not as combustible as other types of propane.

This makes it a good option for people who have asthma or other respiratory problems.

Coleman catalytic heater fuel also has a longer shelf life than other types of propane, which means that it will last longer before it needs to be replaced.

What is the Coleman catalytic heater Fuel?

Many customers that buy Coleman catalytic heaters use liquid fuel.

Commended by consumers is to purchase Coleman fuel.

Aside from that, a small carburetor cleaner can be used also in unleaded gas.

This process works in Coleman stoves, heaters, and lanterns.

It helps avoid clogs than straight gases.

Aside from that Coleman catalytic heater can work with automotive unleaded gases.

There are old handlers that mix different flammable liquids available at hand if Coleman fuel is not available such as white gas and fuel injector cleaner.

Some of it works and others do not function or last a long time.

Hence, other reviews say this trick gives them the benefit of an anti-clogging effect and makes the heater long-lasting.

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What can I use instead of Coleman fuel?

If you are using a Coleman catalytic heater and do not have enough Coleman fuel to light it up, there are several substitutes for this product.

According to many reviews of consumers, white gas, kerosene, diesel, gasoline, and other non-toxic flammable liquids are used as an alternative.

Generic white gases are less expensive than Coleman fuel and burn cleanly.

Kerosine is also the best alternative because it is cheaper and readily available in nearby stores. Diesel is common in third-world countries.

It smells and has dirty burns thus it is preferable to other gasoline.

Other than that, a non-toxic flammable liquid is used as an alternative if there are no options left.

What can I use instead of Coleman fuel?

What can I use instead of Coleman fuel?

Are Coleman catalytic heaters safe?

Yes, Coleman catalytic heaters are safe.

Campers do not hesitate in outgoing activities unless they use a trusted and safe gear essential.

The Coleman catalytic heater is considered safe for its features of a durable, easy to operate design of a heat control knob, detachable stand, and a portable propane tent heater.

Its 15,000 BTU can heat for about 14 hours straight with one 16.4 ounces of a propane cylinder.

And is a perfect heater for cold weather camps. For additional instructions, follow the manual of the product before using it to ensure that it is used well.

However, despite its nonviolent purpose, it still has chemical reactions occurring while on the heating process.

These will become the byproducts that may turn into carbon dioxide.

It is commonly caused by a defect on the heater, but it can be prevented by keeping the area well-ventilated or using a detector if you are anxious about potential problems.

Can you use a Coleman Catalytic Heater indoors?

The Coleman Catalytic Heaters are planned for outdoor and indoor purposes.

These have different types of models with features that provide the needs of a consumer.

Coleman catalytic heater is most preferably used on camping especially during the cold or winter season.

Moreover, the heater is placed in small rooms or tents because it has limitations on its heat released capacity depending on the model of the heater.

Some models of catalytic heaters last for around 5 hours or more.

Lastly, it is also safe to use indoors because there are certain sensors attached to the Coleman catalytic heaters that will automatically shut down the heater if it notices a low level of oxygen in the room to prevent further danger to the people inside the tent or room.

How to clean Coleman catalytic heater heads?

To have a long-lasting Coleman catalytic heater, one must clean and keep a maintenance check at some time.

But before that, buy denatured alcohol which will serve as a cleaning agent.

To begin, measure a cup of denatured alcohol and let it burn on the heater.

This will burn off layers of filth on the heater’s head.

Let the heater cool off, then reapply the denatured alcohol on the head of the heater.

Repeat another process until it cleanses everything.

Always remember to take precautions in doing this procedure.

Perform cleansing outdoors since it will involve highly flammable materials.

Besides, to provide safety, one must wear proper personal protective equipment such as gloves, eye protection, and a mask.


A Coleman catalytic heater is essential in going for outdoor activities, camps, or travels that have rainy or cold weather.

This primarily heats your tent or small room to keep you warm.

Campers routinely use Coleman liquid fuel to make it functional.

Although, there are several alternatives mentioned with a cheaper price and increased availability for emergencies.

To end, we hope that you thought of the right decision to choose the right Coleman catalytic heater fuel.

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