[Update] Bushnell Trophy Cam Problems

Bushnell Trophy Cam Problems

Bushnell is a great quality sports optics company that has been around for over half a century. Their mandate is to produce top-notch and durable sports optics gear.

The company’s products are made to improve the outdoor experience.

It could range from being a spectator, studying nature, fishing, hunting, bird watching, or simply nature tripping.

Their binoculars allow outdoorsmen to enjoy observing things from a distance.

Bushnell is always looking at new technologies to improve its sports optics product line.

The Bushnell Trophy Cam is a high-end, compact camera that many avid hunters and outdoors enthusiasts consider to be the perfect hunting camera.

Unfortunately, recent reports indicate that some of these cameras are having problems.

Some shooters have reported that their cameras are not functioning properly, while others have had issues with the pictures that they’ve taken.

Some of the problems reported include freezes, buffer errors, and low resolution pictures.

Bushnell Trophy Cam Problems and Other Issues

The issues and problems of the Bushnell Trail Camera are usually about the subject of the images, the absence of images on the digital card, or improper camera settings.

These problems are usually resolved simply by tweaking the position of the camera and utilizing suggested camera calibrations.

More About The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD

This device is a digital scouting camera.

It is activated by motion sensors of the game thru an ultra-sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion sensor.

It is capable of capturing up to 8MP quality photos, as well as video.

This camera uses minimal power, especially when in standby mode.

You can expect up to half a year when in stand-by mode time and when using the recommended alkaline batteries.

It will operate for a whole year when utilizing lithium AA batteries.

The moment motion triggers the sensors, the camera unit will turn on immediately and capture photos or videos.
It comes with built-in infrared LEDs that doubles up as a flash.

As a result, it is capable of sharp images and videos in low light conditions.

The Trophy Cam HD is for outdoor use and will withstand snow and water.

It is truly cutting-edge technology and includes many innovative capabilities.

Some Issues And Problems Of The Bushnell Trophy Cam

Some Issues and Problems of the Bushnell Trophy Cam

False Triggering and Subsequent Errors In Subject Matter

The Bushnell Trail Cameras makes use of sensors to start the shutter.

Branches rustling in the wind can thus trigger it.

Likewise, heat sources that are in the camera’s line of sight can also cause the camera to falsely start.

These errors in triggering will result in the camera inadvertently starting and capture images or video that you did not intend to record.

The Absence of Images on the Card

One can expect that no images are found on the internal card during certain conditions.

One is if the battery is drained of power.

Another is if the power switch is not on or is placed in the setup position.

When using the camera at night or in low light and the battery is running low on power, the flash utility will not be usable.

Hence the will pictures will be underexposed.

Problems from Improper Camera Set-up

Night images could be very dark if the capture number parameter is placed at more than one photo or if the interval settings are very brief.

Error triggers of the shutter will happen if the PIR sensitivity setting is incorrect for the temperature.
Quick-moving things will appear with streaks when resolution settings are not calibrated right.

The Battery Does Not Last Long

The battery duration will depend on factors like operating temperature and camera usage.

Normally the Trophy Cam should be able to take a few thousand images before the batteries give out.

Before use, always make certain that you use new alkaline or lithium batteries.

Bushnell specifies that one purchases 8 Energizer Lithium AA batteries in all Trophy Cams to enjoy the specified battery life and full camera functions.

Another area often overlooked is that the power switch is set to the “On” position.

Also, make sure that the device is not in the “Setup” mode when using it outdoors.

Avoiding SD Card Issues

Use only top-quality SD card brands in your unit.

Bushnell specifies the use of SanDisk brand SD Cards.

Inferior quality SD cards have been known to lessen Trophy Cam battery duration.

Some cameras stop recording pics or won’t take images.

Also, make certain that the SD card is not full, and as a result will not store images.

Also, check that the SD card is not write-protected;

Look at the switch if it is in the lock position, as the camera will not take images if it is.

Another thing to check is if you have utilized an SD card in another gadget prior to using it in your Trophy Cam.

If this is the case, formatting the card with the “Format” option in Setup mode is highly recommended. Just be sure to copy your recorded data onto a hard disk before doing so.

In rare instances, other gadgets may alter the formatting of the SD card.

If this is the case an SD card might not perform as expected when installed on the Trophy Cam.

Bushnell Trophy Cam Problems Are Easy To Solve

Have no fear, Bushnell Trophy Cam issues and problems are easy to resolve.

Simply know your camera well and read the owner’s manual very thoroughly.

You will enjoy many years of operation.

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