[Update] Choose Blackstone 17 vs 22

Blackstone 17 vs 22

If you are looking for a great griddle to cook your food on the go, the Blackstone Tabletop Portable Griddle should be at the top of your list.

It is a great option if you are looking for something that is easy to use and portable.

You can take it with you wherever you go, and it will make cooking breakfast or lunch a breeze.

The Blackstone 17 or 22 are both excellent options.

The 17 is smaller and lighter, making it easier to transport.

But, the 22 has more cooking surface area and can hold more food.

Both models are easy to clean and have a non-stick coating.

Searching for the right Blackstone Tabletop Portable Griddle is a must if you want to cook in your backyard or even in distance camping.

Having it done is a real treat and exciting.

Blackstone offers different features that help you to choose which portable grills you will be using, and so this article.


Blackstone Tabletop Portable Griddle 17

Blackstone 17 model provides you with 12,000 BTUs of power and features one H-shaped burner. 260 square inches of cooking space is provided to you. Its construction material is stainless steel coated with a black powder combined with a cold-rolled steel cooking surface.

What’s great about this model is it only requires a tiny amount of storage space, making it easy to be transferred and stored. Blackstone Tabletop Portable Griddle 17 overall dimensions are 17.5 inches by 18 inches by 8.5 inches which weighs only 25 pounds.

Blackstone Tabletop Portable Griddle 22

The Blackstone 22 inch version has 24,000 BTUs of power over two H-shaped burners. This model provides you an impressive 330 square inches of cooking space. But the construction materials of Blackstone 22 are quite similar to the Blackstone 17 model.

Even though this model is larger, it is still relatively compact. The overall dimensions are 22.5 inches by 19 inches by 9 inches while its total weight is 32 pounds which is heavy but still convenient.

Key Features

Blackstone Tabletop Portable Griddle 17

Blackstone can ensure you a smooth start because it is set with an electric igniter. It can also provide you with a one-pound propane bottle that can be used as an energy source which also means that firing up the grill in essentially any location should be near effortless.

Grease catcher is also set with this model that makes the cleanup process become easy. The grills are easy to clean after use and long-lasting. And its H-shaped burner delivers very even heat distribution.

Blackstone Tabletop Portable Griddle 22

A pair of H-shaped is featured by this model and it is possible to set the temperature on these burners and adjust them independently which allows you to cook a number of meals with different types at the same time.

Blackstone Tabletop Portable Griddle 22 also has a built-in electric igniter same as the Griddle 17. A dedicated grease channel is available to direct the grease to the grease catcher. The grease catcher is somewhat larger which means cleaning it out frequently is not needed.


Despite having their size difference, both of these models have the same build quality. The same materials have been made for both of these models and even the main features are the same. Therefore, you can expect that the durability of these two models will be roughly the same.

Cooking Surface

The Griddle 22 can ensure you when it comes to the total cooking space rather than Griddle 17. As has been said before, 330 square inches of cooking space is given to you by Griddle 22, which is way bigger than Griddle 17, which only has 260 square inches. If being big is better for you, then Griddle 22 is the best choice for you.


A propane tank is provided to you as both of these models use propane. But when it comes to finding who heats up more quickly Griddle 22 can ensure you. This is based on the fact that it delivers 24,000 BTUs compared to Griddle 17 which has only 12,000 BTUs. The Griddle 22 has two burners which provide you with extra cooking versatility which means that because of its capability you are able to set each of the burners to a different temperature and each of them can be adjusted independently for optimum convenience.

Reasons to Buy

Blackstone Tabletop Portable Griddle 17

This model really suits you if you are someone who happens to just have enough budget and is looking for a grill that is really convenient. The quality of Griddle 17 is remarkably high and has a robust build that can make you not worry to go the distance. You can flip this model head over heels to store it after being used which means that it will take up less space. And lastly, the powder-coated finish will let you have the confidence that this model will not experience corrosion.

Blackstone Tabletop Portable Griddle 22

The Griddle 22 is typically larger than the Griddle 17. But except for its size, there’s a lot of differences between these two models. The rear grease system helps to eliminate the mess, maybe during or after use.

This special channel helps the food get away from grease during the cooking process to help make your food healthy and clean. Even on uneven ground, this model takes ten minutes to be set up. And once set up, due to the twin burners, your food will be cooked very quickly and efficiently.


After reading this article, for sure you have found your portable grill. Identifying the pros and cons through reading above may help you which portable grill best suits you.

May you find the right grill and identify which is not ideal for large gatherings, has low performance in windy conditions, heavy, small draw tray, has a small drip tray, insufficient heat output for certain dishes, and etc. All in all, it is the budget that matters the most.

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